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Earnings Calendar
Your investment risk soars during earnings season. Fortunately your profits can soar higher too ... IF you know how to use this Earnings Calendar. There are several important factors to consider when YOUR stocks approach their earnings report release date.

Learn How to Increase YOUR earnings with this Earnings Calendar.

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This Earnings Calendar contains data for current and upcoming Earnings Reports.

Earnings report release dates, times, and estimates do change - especially those beyond the current week. As the earnings report date approaches, we advise that the date be confirmed by going to the company web site. Updated weekly, this earnings calendar was last revised on 3/19/17 4:33 PM CT.

Argonaut Gold IncAR.TO20-MarAfter Market Close0.02
Asure Software IncASUR20-MarBefore Market Open0.1
Augean PLCAUG.L20-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Bahamas Petroleum Company PLCBPC.L20-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Baillie Gifford Japan Trust PLBGFD.L20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Bank of Jiangsu Co Ltd600919.SS20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beasley Broadcast Group IncBBGI20-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Beijing New Building Materials000786.SZ20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
BH Macro LtdBHMG.L20-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Billington Holdings PLCBILN.L20-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Bioventix PLCBVXP.L20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Blue Calypso IncBCYP20-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Brasil Pharma SABPHA3.SA20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Bumi Serpong Damai Tbk PTBSDE.JK20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Carmanah Technologies CorpCMH.TO20-MarAfter Market Close0.03
Cathay Financial Holding Co Lt2882.TW20-MarTime Not Supplied0.91
Centrus Energy CorpLEU20-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Chang Jiang Shipping Group Pho000520.SZ20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Hongqiao Group Ltd1378.HK20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Online Education GroupCOE20-MarBefore Market Open-0.01
Chongqing Sokon Industry Group601127.SS20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Circassia Pharmaceuticals PLCCIR.L20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Ltd1093.HK20-MarTime Not Supplied0.09
CVS Group PLCCVSG.L20-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Delcath Systems IncDCTH20-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Destination XL Group IncDXLG20-MarBefore Market Open0.01
DP Poland PLCDPP.L20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
E-Therapeutics PLCETX.L20-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
First Sensor AGSIS.DE20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Fortress Paper LtdFTP.TO20-MarAfter Market Close-0.03
Fusion Telecommunications InteFSNN20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Galmed Pharmaceuticals LtdGLMD20-MarTime Not Supplied-0.3
Gamma Communications PLCGAMA.L20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Genesis Land Development CorpGDC.TO20-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Gfinity PLCGFIN.L20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Granite Oil CorpGXO.TO20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Gulf Marine Services PLCGMS.L20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hangzhou Weiguang Electronic C002801.SZ20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hubei Forbon Technology Co Ltd300387.SZ20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hydrogen Group PLCHYDG.L20-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Infrastrata PLCINFA.L20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Inland Homes PLCINL.L20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Intelgenx Technologies CorpIGX.V20-MarAfter Market Close0.01
Intersections IncINTX20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jamba IncJMBA20-MarBefore Market Open-0.18
JKX Oil and Gas PLCJKX.L20-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
John Laing Infrastructure FundJLIF.L20-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
K3 Business Technology Group PKBT.L20-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Kennede Electronics MFG Co Ltd002723.SZ20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Live World IncLVWD20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Matahari Putra Prima Tbk PTMPPA.JK20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Matomy Media Group LtdMTMY.L20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
MaxCyte IncMXCT.L20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Metminco LtdMNC.AX20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLCMBH.L20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Mission Marketing Group PLCTMMG.L20-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Mortgage Advice Bureau (HoldinMAB1.L20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Movado Group IncMOV20-MarBefore Market Open0.23
NAHL Group PLCNAH.L20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
NetPlay TV PLCNPT.L20-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
NQ Mobile IncNQ20-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Paz Oil Company LtdPZOL.TA20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Perma-Fix Environmental ServicPESI20-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Phoenix Group HoldingsPHNX.L20-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Pittards PLCPTD.L20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Roadrunner Transportation SystRRTS20-MarAfter Market Close0.15
Shanghai Chinafortune Co Ltd600621.SS20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenandoah TelecommunicationsSHEN20-MarBefore Market Open-0.06
Shenzhen Jiawei Photovoltaic L300317.SZ20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shore Capital Group LtdSGR.L20-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
SKW Stahl Metallurgie HoldingSK1A.DE20-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Smart Metering Systems PLCSMS.L20-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Synairgen PLCSNG.L20-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Talanx AGTLX.DE20-Mar02:30 am ET0.89
Terna Energy SATENERGY.AT20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Valneva SEVLA.PA20-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Village Farms International InVFF.TO20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Westshore Terminals InvestmentWTE.TO20-MarAfter Market Close0.43
Wistron Corp3231.TW20-MarTime Not Supplied0.53
Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Co002092.SZ20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
YouGov PLCYOU.L20-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Zoned Properties IncZDPY20-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
888 Holdings PLC888.L21-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
AAR CorpAIR21-MarAfter Market Close0.36
Accton Technology Corp2345.TW21-MarTime Not Supplied1.22
Albion Development VCT PLCAADV.L21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Albion Technology & General VCAATG.L21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Alexco Resource CorpAXR.TO21-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Amec Foster Wheeler PLCAMFW.L21-Mar03:00 am ETN/A
American DG Energy IncADGE21-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Anhui Yingjia Distillery Co Lt603198.SS21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Applied Graphene Materials PLCAGM.L21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Atento SAATTO21-MarAfter Market Close0.18
Bank of Chongqing Co Ltd1963.HK21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Baoding Tianwei Baobian Electr600550.SS21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Bayerische Motoren Werke AGBMW.DE21-MarTime Not Supplied2.16
Beijing Sinnet Technology Co L300383.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Bellway PLCBWY.L21-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Bohai Water Industry Co Ltd000605.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
BOS Better Online Solutions LtBOSC21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Brighton Pier Group PLCPIER.L21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Caledonia Mining Corporation PCAL.TO21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Canadian Solar IncCSIQ21-MarBefore Market Open0.32
Cheetah Mobile IncCMCM21-MarBefore Market Open0.06
Chengdu Jafaantai Technology C300559.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Chengdu Taihe Health Technolog000790.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Cheung Kong Infrastructure Hol1038.HK21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Fangda Group Co Ltd000055.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Jushi Co Ltd600176.SS21-MarTime Not Supplied0.19
China State Construction Inter3311.HK21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China ZhengTong Auto Services1728.HK21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Citic Offshore Helicopter Co L000099.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
CNlight Co Ltd002076.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Coca-Cola European Partners PLCCE21-MarBefore Market Open0.46
CPT Technology Group Co Ltd000536.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
CTI Industries CorpCTIB21-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Dalian East New Energy Develop300125.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Der Future Science and Technol002631.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Deutsche Wohnen AGDWNI.DE21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
DFS Furniture PLCDFS.L21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Dipexium Pharmaceuticals IncDPRX21-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Duluth Holdings IncDLTH21-MarAfter Market Close0.34
Earthport PLCEPO.L21-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
eg Solutions PLCEGS.L21-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Eltek LtdELTK21-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
ENN Energy Holdings Ltd2688.HK21-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
EnQuest PLCENQ.L21-Mar03:00 am ETN/A
Faroe Petroleum PLCFPM.L21-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
FedEx CorpFDX21-Mar4:15 pm ET2.62
Fevertree Drinks PLCFEVR.L21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Fifth Street Asset ManagementFSAM21-MarBefore Market Open0.14
Formosa International Hotels C2707.TW21-MarTime Not Supplied2.75
Francesca's Holdings CorpFRAN21-MarBefore Market Open0.37
Fuchs Petrolub SEFPE3.DE21-MarTime Not Supplied0.44
Fujian Cosunter Pharmaceutical300436.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Fujian Longma Environmental Sa603686.SS21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Fujian Yongan Forestry Group J000663.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
G-Resources Group Ltd1051.HK21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Game Digital PLCGMD.L21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
General Mills IncGIS21-MarBefore Market Open0.71
Glori Energy IncGLRI21-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Greatland Gold PLCGGP.L21-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
GSW Immobilien AGGIB.F21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangdong Fenghua Advanced Tec000636.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangdong Guanhao High-Tech Co600433.SS21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangdong Jingyi Metal Co Ltd002295.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangxi Liuzhou Pharmaceutical603368.SS21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
GuangYuYuan Chinese Herbal Med600771.SS21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
H&R GmbH & Co KgaA2HR.DE21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Haitian International Holdings1882.HK21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hangzhou Boiler Group Co Ltd002534.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hangzhou First PV Material Co603806.SS21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hansteen Holdings PLCHSTN.L21-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
HB Fuller CoFUL21-MarAfter Market Close0.45
Healthequity IncHQY21-MarAfter Market Close0.04
HengAn International Group Co1044.HK21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hengyi Petrochemical Co Ltd000703.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hera SpAHER.MI21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
High Arctic Energy Services InHWO.TO21-MarAfter Market Close0.13
HK Electric Investments Ltd2638.HK21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Huaneng Power International In600011.SS21-MarTime Not Supplied0.01
Hubei Feilihua Quartz Glass Co300395.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hubei Xingfa Chemicals Group C600141.SS21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Huizhong Instrumentation Co Lt300371.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hytera Communications Corp Ltd002583.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
ICTV Brands IncICTV21-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Iflytek Co Ltd002230.SZ21-MarTime Not Supplied0.16
Imprimis Pharmaceuticals IncIMMY21-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Ivu Traffic Technologies AGIVU.DE21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jason Furniture Hangzhou Co Lt603816.SS21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu Huahong Technology Co002645.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu Olive Sensors High-Tec300507.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu Sainty Corp Ltd600287.SS21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu Shentong Valve Co Ltd002438.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
JPMorgan American Investment TJAM.L21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ju Teng International Holdings3336.HK21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Judges Scientific PLCJDG.L21-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Kathmandu Holdings LtdKMD.NZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Kingnet Network Co Ltd002517.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Kings Arms Yard VCT PLCKAY.L21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Kingsoft Corp Ltd3888.HK21-MarTime Not Supplied0.27
KWG Property Holding Ltd1813.HK21-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Lamprell PLCLAM.L21-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Lands End IncLE21-MarBefore Market Open0.35
Lennar CorpLEN21-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
LiqTech International IncLIQT21-MarBefore Market Open0
M Winkworth PLCWINK.L21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Meinian Onehealth Healthcare H002044.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
NamSys IncCTZ.V21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Navidea Biopharmaceuticals IncNAVB21-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Neogen CorpNEOG21-MarBefore Market Open0.27
New Hope Corporation LtdNHC.AX21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Nike IncNKE21-MarAfter Market Close0.53
Offshore Oil Engineering Co Lt600583.SS21-MarTime Not Supplied0.05
OHB SEOHB.DE21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Petroleo Brasileiro SA PetrobrPETR4.SA21-MarAfter Market Close0.25
Pipehawk PLCPIP.L21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Porsche Automobil Holding SEPAH3.DE21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Power Financial CorpPWF.TO21-MarBefore Market Open0.76
Premier Investments LtdPMV.AX21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Quixant PLCQXT.L21-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Reed's IncREED21-MarAfter Market Close-0.01
Resonant IncRESN21-MarAfter Market Close-0.31
RMP Energy IncRMP.TO21-MarBefore Market Open-0.02
Sanlux Co Ltd002224.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
SGL Carbon SESGL.DE21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shandong Yisheng Livestock & P002458.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Electric Power Co Ltd600021.SS21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai M&G Stationery Inc603899.SS21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holdi601607.SS21-MarTime Not Supplied0.3
Shanghai Tianchen Co Ltd600620.SS21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
ShanXi Coking Co Ltd600740.SS21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanxi Xishan Coal and Electri000983.SZ21-MarTime Not Supplied0.2
Shenyu Communication Technolog300563.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Salubris Pharmaceutic002294.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Topband Co Ltd002139.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shore Gold IncSGF.TO21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sigma Designs IncSIGM21-MarAfter Market Close-0.16
Silver Wheaton CorpSLW.TO21-MarAfter Market Close0.17
Sophiris Bio IncSPHS21-MarTime Not Supplied-0.11
Spark Networks IncLOV21-MarAfter Market Close-0.01
SPT Energy Group Inc1251.HK21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
St.Shine Optical Co Ltd1565.TWO21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Staidson Beijing BioPharmaceut300204.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Steelcase IncSCS21-MarAfter Market Close0.23
Strongco CorpSQP.TO21-MarTime Not Supplied-0.43
SWK Holdings CorpSWKH21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
TCL Multimedia Technology Hold1070.HK21-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Tenax Therapeutics IncTENX21-MarBefore Market Open-0.15
Thunder Software Technology Co300496.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tianjin Lisheng Pharmaceutical002393.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Titan Medical IncTMD.TO21-MarAfter Market Close-0.04
Titanium Transportation GroupTTR.V21-MarAfter Market Close0
Tower Bersama Infrastructure TTBIG.JK21-MarAfter Market Close82.75
TPG Telecom LtdTPM.AX21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tracsis PLCTRCS.L21-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
TSO3 IncTOS.TO21-MarTime Not Supplied-0.01
Vectura Group PLCVEC.L21-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Viking Therapeutics IncVKTX21-MarAfter Market Close-0.2
Wisesoft Co Ltd002253.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
WSI Industries IncWSCI21-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Wuhu Conch Profiles and Scienc000619.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Xcel Brands IncXELB21-MarAfter Market Close0.04
Yantai Zhenghai Magnetic Mater300224.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Yunnan Nantian Electronics Inf000948.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Furun Co Ltd600070.SS21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Guangsha Co Ltd600052.SS21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Jiaxin Silk Corp Ltd002404.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Kaier New Materials C300234.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Ming Jewelry Co Ltd002574.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Wanfeng Auto Wheel Co002085.SZ21-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
AAC Technologies Holdings Inc2018.HK22-MarTime Not Supplied1.32
Actuant CorpATU22-MarBefore Market Open0.12
ADO Properties SAADJ.DE22-MarAfter Market Close0.26
AEHR Test SystemsAEHR22-MarAfter Market Close-0.08
AFC Energy PLCAFC.L22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
AGT Food and Ingredients IncAGT.TO22-MarAfter Market Close0.64
Amaya IncAYA.TO22-MarBefore Market Open0.5
Ambassador Hotel Ltd2704.TW22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Amiad Water Systems LtdAFS.L22-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Gro600418.SS22-MarTime Not Supplied0.17
Azrieli Group LtdAZRG.TA22-MarTime Not Supplied2.15
Bluejay Mining PLCFAM.L22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Canlan Ice Sports CorpICE.TO22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Changjiang Securities Co Ltd000783.SZ22-MarTime Not Supplied0.14
Cheng Shin Rubber Ind. Co Ltd2105.TW22-MarTime Not Supplied0.99
Cheung Kong Property Holdings1113.HK22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Citic Bank Corp Ltd601998.SS22-MarTime Not Supplied0.23
China Dongxiang (Group) Co Ltd3818.HK22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Oilfield Services Ltd601808.SS22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Resources Land Ltd1109.HK22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Shipping Network Technol002401.SZ22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Chinese Universe Publishing An600373.SS22-MarTime Not Supplied0.26
Chunghsin Technology Group Co603996.SS22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Churchill China PLCCHH.L22-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Cintas CorpCTAS22-MarAfter Market Close1.07
Country Garden Holdings Compan2007.HK22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
CPFL Energias Renovaveis SACPRE3.SA22-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
CPPGroup PLCCPP.L22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Critical Control Energy ServicCCZ.TO22-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals IncCYCC22-MarAfter Market Close-0.73
Dah Sing Banking Group Ltd2356.HK22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Dalradian Resources IncDNA.TO22-MarTime Not Supplied-0.01
Detour Gold CorpDGC.TO22-MarAfter Market Close0.04
Dicerna Pharmaceuticals IncDRNA22-MarAfter Market Close-0.73
eHi Car Services LtdEHIC22-MarAfter Market Close0.02
Elbit Systems LtdESLT.TA22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Eleven Biotherapeutics IncEBIO22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Essex Rental CorpESSX22-MarTime Not Supplied-0.13
EVINE Live IncEVLV22-MarBefore Market Open0
Ferrexpo PLCFXPO.L22-Mar03:00 am ETN/A
Financiere de l'Odet SAODET.PA22-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Five Below IncFIVE22-MarAfter Market Close0.89
Fonterra Co-Operative Group LtFCG.NZ22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Fonterra Shareholders' FundFSF.NZ22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Foshan Nationstar Optoelectron002449.SZ22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Franco-Nevada CorpFNV.TO22-MarAfter Market Close0.22
Gaming Nation IncFAN.V22-Mar4:05 pm ET0.01
Gaming Partners InternationalGPIC22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Giga Media LtdGIGM22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Goertek Inc002241.SZ22-MarTime Not Supplied0.25
Goody Science & Technology Co002694.SZ22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Haier Electronics Group Co Ltd1169.HK22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Harbin High-Tech Group Co Ltd600095.SS22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Henry Boot PLCBHY.L22-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Herman Miller IncMLHR22-MarAfter Market Close0.32
Hermes International SCARMS.PA22-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Hexagon Composites ASAHEX.OL22-Mar02:00 am ET0.16
HTG Molecular Diagnostics IncHTGM22-MarAfter Market Close-0.76
Huaren Pharmaceutical Co Ltd300110.SZ22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
InfuSystem Holdings IncINFU22-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Intime Retail Group Co Ltd1833.HK22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
INV Metals IncINV.TO22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Invision AGIVX.DE22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Israel Corporation LtdILCO.TA22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ivanhoe Mines LtdIVN.TO22-MarBefore Market Open-0.01
Jenoptik AGJEN.DE22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
JetPay CorpJTPY22-MarTime Not Supplied-0.13
Jiangsu Yinhe Electronics Co L002519.SZ22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jungheinrich AGJUN3.DE22-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Kingfisher PLCKGF.L22-Mar03:00 am ETN/A
KongZhong CorpKZ22-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Kroton Educacional SAKROT3.SA22-MarBefore Market Open0.28
Kuka AGKU2.DE22-MarTime Not Supplied0.39
LGL Group IncLGL22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Li Ning Co Ltd2331.HK22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
LPKF Laser & Electronics AGLPK.DE22-Mar03:00 am ETN/A
Marret Resource CorpMAR.TO22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
MATRRIX Energy Technologies InMXX.V22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Medical Transcription BillingMTBC22-MarBefore Market Open-0.2
MedMira IncMIR.V22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Merida Industry Co Ltd9914.TW22-MarTime Not Supplied1.86
METKA Industrial ConstructionMETKK.AT22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Minsheng Holdings Co Ltd000416.SZ22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Napec IncNPC.TO22-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
New Flyer Industries IncNFI.TO22-MarAfter Market Close0.62
NexgenRx IncNXG.V22-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Ningbo Haitian Precision Machi601882.SS22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
NORMA Group SENOEJ.DE22-Mar02:00 am ETN/A
Northamber PLCNAR.L22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Nufarm LtdNUF.AX22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Oi SAOIBR4.SA22-MarBefore Market Open0.43
On Track Innovations LtdOTIV22-MarBefore Market Open0
Orient Paper IncONP22-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Parkmead Group PLCPMG.L22-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Payment Data Systems IncPYDS22-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Perry Ellis International IncPERY22-MarBefore Market Open0.6
Phoenix Footwear Group IncPXFG22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ping An Insurance Group Co of601318.SS22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
PSI Aktiengesellschaft fuer PrPSAN.DE22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
PVH CorpPVH22-MarAfter Market Close1.19
Qianhe Condiment and Food Co L603027.SS22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Qiwi PLCQIWI22-MarBefore Market Open0.19
Reliv International IncRELV22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sabina Gold & Silver CorpSBB.TO22-MarTime Not Supplied0
Sanxiang Advanced Materials Co603663.SS22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Savills PLCSVS.L22-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Seabridge Gold IncSEA.TO22-MarAfter Market Close-0.04
SEACOR Holdings IncCKH22-MarAfter Market Close-0.41
Shandong Bohui Paper Industry600966.SS22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shandong Weigao Group Medical1066.HK22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai AJ Group Co Ltd600643.SS22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Anoky Group Co Ltd300067.SZ22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Jahwa United Co Ltd600315.SS22-MarTime Not Supplied-0.15
Shanghai Lujiazui Finance & Tr600663.SS22-MarTime Not Supplied0.52
Shenzhen Beauty Star Co Ltd002243.SZ22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Huakong Seg Co Ltd000068.SZ22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Liantronics Co Ltd300269.SZ22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shijiazhuang Tonhe Electronics300491.SZ22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sinotrans Air Transportation D600270.SS22-MarTime Not Supplied0.31
Softcat PLCSCT.L22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Suzhou Good-Ark Electronics Co002079.SZ22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Talon International IncTALN22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tecogen IncTGEN22-MarBefore Market Open0
Terra Firma Capital CorpTII.V22-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
TESIRO Jewelry Inc603900.SS22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tibet Rhodiola Pharmaceutical600211.SS22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Top Choice Medical Investment600763.SS22-MarTime Not Supplied0.16
Touchstone Exploration IncTXP.TO22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Trading Emissions PLCTRE.L22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
TransAtlantic Petroleum LtdTAT22-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
United Laboratories Internatio3933.HK22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Universal Biosensors IncUBI.AX22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
V V Food & Beverage Co Ltd600300.SS22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Viscom AGV6C.DE22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Washtec AGWSU.DE22-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Winnebago Industries IncWGO22-MarBefore Market Open0.45
Wright Investors Service HoldiWISH22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Hangmin Co Ltd600987.SS22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Jolly Pharmaceutical300181.SZ22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Shuanghuan Driveline002472.SZ22-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
11 88 0 Solutions AGTGT.DE23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Accenture PLCACN23-MarBefore Market Open1.3
Acer Inc2353.TW23-MarTime Not Supplied-0.52
Advanced Accelerator ApplicatiAAAP23-MarBefore Market Open-0.22
Aegean Airlines SAAEGN.AT23-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Aeglea Bio Therapeutics IncAGLE23-MarAfter Market Close-0.46
Aisino Corp600271.SS23-MarTime Not Supplied0.32
Akers Biosciences IncAKER23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Anhui Conch Cement Co Ltd600585.SS23-MarTime Not Supplied0.47
AS Creation Tapeten AGACWN.DE23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Basic Energy Services IncBAS23-MarAfter Market Close-1.22
Basic Fit NVBFIT.AS23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Cisri-Gaona Materials300034.SZ23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing North Star Co Ltd601588.SS23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Zhong Ke San Huan High000970.SZ23-MarTime Not Supplied0.1
Berentzen Gruppe AGBEZ.DE23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beyondsoft Corp002649.SZ23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
BioPharmX CorpBPMX23-MarAfter Market Close-0.1
Bollore SABOL.PA23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Brickworks LtdBKW.AX23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Cancer Genetics IncCGIX23-MarAfter Market Close-0.22
Cewe Stiftung & Co KGaACWC.DE23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Chengdu CORPRO Technology Co L300101.SZ23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Coal Energy Co Ltd601898.SS23-MarTime Not Supplied0.1
China Galaxy Securities Co Ltd6881.HK23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Life Insurance Co Ltd601628.SS23-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
China National Accord Medicine000028.SZ23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Power International Deve2380.HK23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Steel Chemical Corp1723.TW23-MarTime Not Supplied1.18
China Steel Corp2002.TW23-MarTime Not Supplied0.27
China World Trade Center Co Lt600007.SS23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
CITIC Heavy Industries Co Ltd601608.SS23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Commercial Metals CoCMC23-MarBefore Market Open0.1
Companhia de Saneamento BasicoSBSP3.SA23-MarAfter Market Close0.65
Conagra Brands IncCAG23-Mar07:30 am ET0.44
CPFL Energia SACPFE3.SA23-MarAfter Market Close0.21
CTS Eventim AG & Co KGaAEVD.DE23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
CymaBay Therapeutics IncCBAY23-MarTime Not Supplied-0.28
Cyrela Brazil Realty SA EmpreeCYRE3.SA23-MarAfter Market Close0.05
DaChan Food Asia Ltd3999.HK23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Dalian Thermal Power Co Ltd600719.SS23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Delticom AGDEX.DE23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Drillisch AGDRI.DE23-MarTime Not Supplied0.29
Eckert & Ziegler Strahlen undEUZ.DE23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Elumeo SEELB.DE23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Everlight Electronics Co Ltd2393.TW23-MarTime Not Supplied1.17
Excellon Resources IncEXN.TO23-MarBefore Market Open-0.02
Fiera Capital CorpFSZ.TO23-MarBefore Market Open0.31
Fortune Ng Fung Food Hebei Co600965.SS23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Foshan Haitian Flavouring and603288.SS23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Frutarom Industries LtdFRUT.TA23-MarTime Not Supplied0.59
Futura Medical PLCFUM.L23-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
G Willi-Food International LtdWILC23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Gafisa SAGFSA3.SA23-MarAfter Market Close-0.24
GameStop CorpGME23-MarAfter Market Close2.29
Gansu Longshenrongfa Pharmaceu300534.SZ23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangzhou Yuexiu Financial Hol000987.SZ23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
GVC Holdings PLCGVC.L23-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Hanwha Q Cells Co LtdHQCL23-MarBefore Market Open0.05
Henan Pinggao Electric Co Ltd600312.SS23-MarTime Not Supplied0.28
Henan Shuanghui Investment & D000895.SZ23-MarTime Not Supplied0.36
Huishang Bank Corp Ltd3698.HK23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hunan Huasheng Co Ltd600156.SS23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Industrial Services of AmericaIDSA23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Inner Mongolia Yitai Coal Co L900948.SS23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Innova Gaming Group IncIGG.TO23-Mar06:30 am ET0.02
Ithaca Energy IncIAE.L23-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Jiangxi Boya Bio-Pharmaceutica300294.SZ23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
KB HomeKBH23-MarAfter Market Close0.13
Kier Group PLCKIE.L23-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Klondex Mines LtdKDX.TO23-MarAfter Market Close0.08
Krones AGKRN.DE23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Leoni AGLEO.DE23-MarTime Not Supplied0.35
Liberty Bell BankLBBB23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Lida Optical and Electronic Co002189.SZ23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Light SALIGT3.SA23-MarAfter Market Close0.19
Longmaster Information&Technol300288.SZ23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Luoyang Bearing Science & Tech002046.SZ23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Medical Facilities CorpDR.TO23-MarBefore Market Open0.24
Mega Financial Holding Co Ltd2886.TW23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Micron Technology IncMU23-MarAfter Market Close0.84
MLP AGMLP.DE23-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Mytilineos Holdings SAMYTIL.AT23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Nanjing Public Utilities Devel000421.SZ23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Neothetics IncNEOT23-MarBefore Market Open-0.2
Neovasc IncNVC.TO23-MarAfter Market Close-0.08
Next PLCNXT.L23-Mar03:00 am ETN/A
Northeast Securities Co Ltd000686.SZ23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
NovaBay Pharmaceuticals IncNBY23-MarAfter Market Close-0.07
Nuverra Environmental SolutionNESC23-MarAfter Market Close-0.21
OpGen IncOPGN23-MarAfter Market Close-0.2
Oxford Industries IncOXM23-MarAfter Market Close0.92
Petro-king Oilfield Services L2178.HK23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AGPFV.DE23-Mar02:30 am ET1.46
Profarma Distribuidora de ProdPFRM3.SA23-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
PV Crystalox Solar PLCPVCS.L23-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Rational AGRAA.DE23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Regional REIT LtdRGL.L23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Rheinmetall AGRHM.DE23-Mar02:30 am ET2.2
RLJ Entertainment IncRLJE23-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Rossi Residencial SARSID3.SA23-MarAfter Market Close-10.06
Scholastic CorpSCHL23-MarBefore Market Open-0.27
Science in Sport PLCSIS.L23-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Shandong Lukang Pharmaceutical600789.SS23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Datun Energy Resource600508.SS23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Kinlita Chemical Co L300225.SZ23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Shyndec Pharmaceutica600420.SS23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Zqgame Co Ltd300052.SZ23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shoe Carnival IncSCVL23-MarAfter Market Close0.03
Sigma Pharmaceuticals LtdSIP.AX23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
SOCO International PLCSIA.L23-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Softing AGSYT.DE23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sou Yu Te Group Co Ltd002503.SZ23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sportsmans Warehouse HoldingsSPWH23-MarTime Not Supplied0.27
Stada Arzneimittel AGSAZ.DE23-MarTime Not Supplied0.69
Tangshan Jidong Cement Co Ltd000401.SZ23-MarTime Not Supplied-0.18
Tecnisa SATCSA3.SA23-MarAfter Market Close-0.24
Tianjin Port Co Ltd600717.SS23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tianjin Tianyao Pharmaceutical600488.SS23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Titan Cement Company SATITK.AT23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Torex Gold Resources IncTXG.TO23-MarBefore Market Open0.13
Unico American CorpUNAM23-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
United Internet AGUTDI.DE23-MarTime Not Supplied1
Upland Software IncUPLD23-MarAfter Market Close-0.09
Vossloh AGVOS.DE23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Wasgau Produktions & Handels AMSH.F23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Wendel SEMF.PA23-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Westpac Banking CorpWBC.AX23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Xinxiang Chemical Fiber Co Ltd000949.SZ23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Yantai LongYuan Power Technolo300105.SZ23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Yingli Green Energy Holding CoYGE23-MarBefore Market Open-2.88
Zhejiang Huatong Pharmaceutica002758.SZ23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zooplus AGZO1.DE23-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
ZTE Corp000063.SZ23-MarTime Not Supplied0.2
ZYNP Corp002448.SZ23-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Adcare Health Systems IncADK24-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Agjunction IncAJX.TO24-MarAfter Market Close-0.03
Aluminum Corp of China Ltd601600.SS24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Anhui Sunhere Pharmaceutical E300452.SZ24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Artnet AGART.DE24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Atlantic China Welding Consuma600558.SS24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Aura Minerals IncORA.TO24-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Beijing SuperMap Software Co L300036.SZ24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Brilliance China Automotive Ho1114.HK24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
BRP IncDOO.TO24-MarBefore Market Open0.97
CESP Companhia Energetica de SCESP6.SA24-MarAfter Market Close0.24
Changchun Faway Automobile Com600742.SS24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Changshu Tianyin Electromechan300342.SZ24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Development Financial Ho2883.TW24-MarTime Not Supplied0.16
China Merchants Bank Co Ltd600036.SS24-MarTime Not Supplied0.68
China National Building Materi3323.HK24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China National Medicines Corp600511.SS24-MarTime Not Supplied0.27
China Petroleum & Chemical Cor600028.SS24-MarTime Not Supplied0.09
China Railway Tielong Containe600125.SS24-MarTime Not Supplied0.07
China Real Estate Corp Ltd000736.SZ24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Vanke Co Ltd000002.SZ24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Yurun Food Group Ltd1068.HK24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
CITIC Securities Co Ltd600030.SS24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Dalian Port PDA Co Ltd601880.SS24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Dalian Tianbao Green Foods Co002220.SZ24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Eclat Textile Co Ltd1476.TW24-MarTime Not Supplied4.41
Finish Line IncFINL24-MarBefore Market Open0.7
Formosa Petrochemical Corp6505.TW24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Fubon Financial Holding Co Ltd2881.TW24-MarTime Not Supplied1.22
GF Securities Co Ltd000776.SZ24-MarTime Not Supplied0.27
Great Wall Motor Co Ltd601633.SS24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Greentown China Holdings Ltd3900.HK24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hapag Lloyd AGHLAG.DE24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Henan Dayou Energy Co Ltd600403.SS24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hilong Holding Ltd1623.HK24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hiwin Technologies Corp2049.TW24-MarTime Not Supplied1.85
Huafu Top Dyed Melange Yarn Co002042.SZ24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Huaxin Cement Co Ltd600801.SS24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hubei Fuxing Science and Techn000926.SZ24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu Expressway Co Ltd600377.SS24-MarTime Not Supplied0.13
Jiangsu Yawei Machine Tool Co002559.SZ24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
K Bro Linen IncKBL.TO24-MarAfter Market Close0.43
Laobaixing Pharmacy Chain Join603883.SS24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Nan Ya Plastics Corp1303.TW24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Nancal Energy-Saving Technolog603859.SS24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Nexgo Inc300130.SZ24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
People's Insurance Group of Ch1339.HK24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
PICC Property and Casualty Co2328.HK24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Power Corporation of CanadaPOW.TO24-MarAfter Market Close0.7
Premier Gold Mines LtdPG.TO24-MarBefore Market Open0.15
Randon SA Implementos e ParticRAPT4.SA24-MarAfter Market Close-0.02
REX American Resources CorpREX24-MarBefore Market Open1.59
Salzgitter AGSZG.DE24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sanchez Production Partners LPSPP24-MarBefore Market Open-1.15
Shanghai Diesel Engine Co Ltd600841.SS24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Everwin Precision Tec300115.SZ24-MarTime Not Supplied0.19
Sichuan Goldstone Orient New M300434.SZ24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sinopharm Group Co Ltd1099.HK24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
SITC International Holdings Co1308.HK24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
SKW Stahl Metallurgie HoldingSK1A.DE24-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Smiths Group PLCSMIN.L24-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
State Power Investment Corpora600292.SS24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tong Hua Shuang Long Chemical300108.SZ24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tong Ren Tang Technologies Co1666.HK24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
XinJiang GuoTong Pipeline Co L002205.SZ24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang DunAn Artificial Envi002011.SZ24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhengzhou GL Tech Co Ltd300480.SZ24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zijin Mining Group Co Ltd601899.SS24-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Anhui Anli Material Technology300218.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Anhui Huamao Textile Co Ltd000850.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Anhui Sun Create Electronics C600990.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing AriTime Intelligent Co600560.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Capital Retailing Grou600723.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Shunxin Agriculture Co000860.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Urban Construction Inv600266.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Wanji Techonology Co L300552.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Watertek Information T300324.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Butone Information Corporation600455.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Chahua Modern Housewares Co Lt603615.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Chengdu Guibao Science & Techn300019.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
China Automotive Engineering R601965.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
China Western Power Industrial002630.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Chongqing Three Gorges Water C600116.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Daqing Huake Co Ltd000985.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
DaTang HuaYin Electric Power C600744.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Dirui Industrial Co Ltd300396.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
First Capital Securities Co Lt002797.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Gansu Gangtai Holding Group Co600687.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Guodian Nanjing Automation Co600268.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Guoguang Electric Co Ltd002045.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Haima Automobile Group Co Ltd000572.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
HaiXin Foods Co Ltd002702.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Hakim Unique Internet Co Ltd300300.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Henan Zhongfu Industrial Co Lt600595.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Hengdian Group DMEGC Magnetics002056.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Hongrun Construction Group Co002062.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Hubei Huachangda Intelligent E300278.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Hubei Jumpcan Pharmaceutical C600566.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Hunan Corun New Energy Co Ltd600478.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Hwa Create Corp300045.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Inspur Software Co Ltd600756.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangling Motors Corp Ltd000550.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical Co L600750.SS Time Not Supplied0.52
Jikai Equipment Manufacturing002691.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Jingwei Textile Machinery Co L000666.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
JinJian Cereals Industry Co Lt600127.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Kaidi Ecological and Environme000939.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
KPC Pharmaceuticals Inc600422.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Letong Chemical Co Ltd002319.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Livzon Pharmaceutical Group In000513.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Lontrue Co Ltd300175.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Northern United Publishing & M601999.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Orient International Enterpris600278.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Qifeng New Material Co Ltd002521.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Ruitai Materials Technology Co002066.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shandong Haihua Co Ltd000822.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shandong Minhe Animal Husbandr002234.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shandong Xinneng Taishan Power000720.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Construction Group Co600170.SS Time Not Supplied0.07
Shanghai Fenghwa Group Co Ltd600615.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Huitong Energy Co Ltd600605.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Jielong Industry Grou600836.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Jin Jiang Internation600650.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Liangxin Electrical C002706.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Lingyun Industries De900957.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Sanmao Enterprise Gro600689.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Shenhua Holdings Co L600653.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Shimao Co Ltd600823.SS Time Not Supplied0.25
Shenwan Hongyuan Group Co Ltd000166.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shenwu Environmental Technolog300156.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Huapengfei Modern Log300350.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Jasic Technology Co L300193.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Jufei Optoelectronics300303.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Longood Intelligent E300543.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Sunshine Laser & Elec300227.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceut002603.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Sichuan Crun Co Ltd002272.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Sieyuan Electric Co Ltd002028.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Suzhou New Sea Union Telecom T002089.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Tengda Construction Group Co L600512.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Universal Scientific Industria601231.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
XCMG Construction Machinery Co000425.SZ Time Not Supplied0.01
XiAn Catering Co Ltd000721.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
XiAn Tourism Co Ltd000610.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Xiangxue Pharmaceutical Co Ltd300147.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
XJ Electric Co Ltd000400.SZ Time Not Supplied0.62
Yunnan Energy Investment Co Lt002053.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Zhe Jiang Dali Technology Co L002214.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Firstar Panel Technol300256.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
ADVFN PLCAFN.L27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Aldridge Minerals IncAGM.V27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Alliance California MunicipalAKP27-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
AllianceBernstein National MunAFB27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
AmBase CorpABCP27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
American Shared Hospital ServiAMS27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Anhui Expressway Co Ltd600012.SS27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Anton Oilfield Services Group3337.HK27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Argos Therapeutics IncARGS27-MarAfter Market Close-0.34
Artilium PLCARTA.L27-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
BeiGene LtdBGNE27-MarAfter Market Close-0.89
Bezant Resources PLCBZT.L27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Blackbird Energy IncBBI.V27-MarTime Not Supplied0
Brasil Brokers Participacoes SBBRK3.SA27-MarAfter Market Close-0.03
Bri-Chem CorpBRY.TO27-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Cal-Maine Foods IncCALM27-MarBefore Market Open0.2
Canacol Energy LtdCNE.TO27-MarAfter Market Close0.03
Canadian Overseas Petroleum LtXOP.V27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Cancom SECOK.DE27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Canterbury Park Holding CorpCPHC27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
CASI Pharmaceuticals IncCASI27-MarTime Not Supplied-0.07
Centrais Eletricas BrasileirasELET6.SA27-MarAfter Market Close-0.01
China Evergrande Group3333.HK27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China International Marine Con000039.SZ27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Chinacache International HoldiCCIH27-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
City Merchants High Yield TrusCMHY.L27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Companhia Paranaense de EnergiCPLE6.SA27-MarAfter Market Close1.31
Companhia Siderurgica NacionalCSNA3.SA27-MarBefore Market Open0.05
Conn's IncCONN27-MarBefore Market Open-0.09
Conrad Industries IncCNRD27-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
COPsync IncCOYN27-MarBefore Market Open-0.3
Crosswinds Holdings IncCWI.TO27-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Deep Down IncDPDW27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Destination Maternity CorpDEST27-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AGPBB.DE27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Diffusion Pharmaceuticals IncDFFN27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Digital Ally IncDGLY27-MarAfter Market Close-0.2
Dynacor Gold Mines IncDNG.TO27-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Elbit Vision Systems LtdEVSNF27-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Emisphere Technologies IncEMIS27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Enterprise Group IncE.TO27-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Epistar Corp2448.TW27-MarTime Not Supplied-0.03
Erajaya Swasembada Tbk PTERAA.JK27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ever-Glory International GroupEVK27-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Fennec Pharmaceuticals IncFRX.TO27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Fidelity Asian Values PLCFAS.L27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Finjan Holdings IncFNJN27-MarTime Not Supplied-0.12
Firm Capital Mortgage InvestmeFC.TO27-MarTime Not Supplied0.24
G-III Apparel Group LtdGIII27-MarBefore Market Open-0.1
General Cannabis CorpCANN27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Glacier Media IncGVC.TO27-MarAfter Market Close0.01
Global Mediacom Tbk PTBMTR.JK27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Global Medical REIT IncGMRE27-MarBefore Market Open-0.08
Gubre Fabrikalari TASGUBRF.IS27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hellenic Exchanges Athens StocEXAE.AT27-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Hemispherx Biopharma IncHEB27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hooper Holmes IncHH27-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Hotai Motor Co Ltd2207.TW27-MarTime Not Supplied4.22
Humanwell Healthcare Group Co600079.SS27-MarTime Not Supplied0.2
Hyduke Energy Services IncHYD.TO27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Immunovaccine IncIMV.TO27-MarTime Not Supplied-0.03
Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur TbkICBP.JK27-MarBefore Market Open67.94
Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk PTINDF.JK27-MarBefore Market Open120.96
Indus Holding AGINH.DE27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Inspired Energy PLCINSE.L27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
InspireMD IncNSPR27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Iochpe Maxion SAMYPK3.SA27-MarAfter Market Close0.02
Kelso Technologies IncKLS.TO27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Leaf Clean Energy CoLEAF.L27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Macro Enterprises IncMCR.V27-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Makalot Industrial Co Ltd1477.TW27-MarTime Not Supplied1.09
Mateon Therapeutics IncMATN27-MarTime Not Supplied-0.13
Media Nusantara Citra Tbk PTMNCN.JK27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Micro-Star International Co Lt2377.TW27-MarTime Not Supplied1.63
Nobility Homes IncNOBH27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Nova LifeStyle IncNVFY27-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Onconova Therapeutics IncONTX27-MarBefore Market Open-1
Orbis AGOBS.DE27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
P&F Industries IncPFIN27-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Paragon AGPGN.DE27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Petro Rio SAPRIO3.SA27-MarAfter Market Close-0.7
Plan Optik AGP4O.DE27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Pou Chen Corp9904.TW27-MarTime Not Supplied0.84
Red Hat IncRHT27-MarAfter Market Close0.61
RHRH27-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Ruentex Industries Ltd2915.TW27-MarTime Not Supplied1.27
Senvest Capital IncSEC.TO27-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Shenzhen Gongjin Electronics C603118.SS27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhou International Group H2313.HK27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sinclair Pharma PLCSPH.L27-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Smith-Midland CorpSMID27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
SouthGobi Resources LtdSGQ.TO27-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Spaceandpeople PLCSAL.L27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Spine Injury Solutions IncSPIN27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Stadium Group PLCSDM.L27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Steadymed LtdSTDY27-MarBefore Market Open-0.46
SYNNEX CorpSNX27-MarAfter Market Close1.66
Taiwan Semiconductor Co Ltd5425.TWO27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tellza Communications IncTEL.TO27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Terra Tech CorpTRTC27-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Tethys Petroleum LtdTPL.TO27-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
TomCo Energy PLCTOM.L27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Triton Minerals LtdTON.AX27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Uni-President Enterprises Corp1216.TW27-MarTime Not Supplied0.39
Uniroyal Global Engineered ProUNIR27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
United-Guardian IncUG27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Vascular Biogenics LtdVBLT27-MarBefore Market Open-0.19
Verint Systems IncVRNT27-MarAfter Market Close0.86
Wilhelmina International IncWHLM27-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Wireless Telecom Group IncWTT27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Yanzhou Coal Mining Co Ltd600188.SS27-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Yuanta Financial Holdings Co L2885.TW27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Yulon Motor Co Ltd2201.TW27-MarTime Not Supplied0.61
Zhejiang Shibao Co Ltd002703.SZ27-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zynerba Pharmaceuticals IncZYNE27-MarBefore Market Open-0.75
A.G.Barr PLCBAG.L28-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
AA PLCAA.L28-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Abtech Holdings IncABHD28-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Acorn Energy IncACFN28-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Ad Pepper Media InternationalAPM.F28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Affimed NVAFMD28-MarTime Not Supplied-0.31
Agricultural Bank of China Ltd601288.SS28-MarTime Not Supplied0.09
Aldeyra Therapeutics IncALDX28-MarBefore Market Open-0.66
American Bio Medica CorpABMC28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
American Electric TechnologiesAETI28-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
American Realty Investors IncARL28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
AmpliPhi Biosciences CorpAPHB28-MarBefore Market Open-0.3
Angang Steel Co Ltd000898.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Anhui Huangshan Capsule Co Ltd002817.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Anhui Quanchai Engine Co Ltd600218.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Arno Therapeutics IncARNI28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Astea International IncATEA28-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Asterias Biotherapeutics IncAST28-MarAfter Market Close-0.16
At Home Group IncHOME28-MarBefore Market Open0.26
Atlatsa Resources CorpATL.TO28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Atossa Genetics IncATOS28-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Auxilio IncAUXO28-MarTime Not Supplied0.12
Avnel Gold Mining LtdAVK.TO28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
B-Soft Co Ltd300451.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Bank of Communications Co Ltd601328.SS28-MarTime Not Supplied0.15
Baota Industry Co Ltd000595.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Baotou Beifang Chuangye Co Ltd600967.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Etrol Technologies Co300370.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Geoenviron Engineering603588.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Strong Biotechnologies300406.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Tongrentang Co Ltd600085.SS28-MarTime Not Supplied0.17
Beijing Vantone Real Estate Co600246.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Biome Technologies PLCBIOM.L28-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Birner Dental Management ServiBDMS28-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Blackrock Emerging Europe PLCBEEP.L28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Blonder Tongue Laboratories InBDR28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Bright Dairy and Food Co Ltd600597.SS28-MarTime Not Supplied0.09
BrightPath Early Learning IncBPE.V28-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Buffalo Coal CorpBUF.V28-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
BYD Co Ltd002594.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Canadian Zinc CorpCZN.TO28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Card Factory PLCCARD.L28-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Carnival CorpCCL28-MarBefore Market Open0.35
Carnival PLCCCL.L28-MarBefore Market Open0.34
Cathay International HoldingsCTI.L28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Changjiang Publishing & Media600757.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Changzhou NRB Corp002708.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Changzhou Tenglong Auto Parts603158.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Automotive Systems IncCAAS28-MarBefore Market Open0.19
China Calxon Group Co Ltd000918.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Communications Construct601800.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Machinery Engineering Co1829.HK28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Meheco Co Ltd600056.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Merchants Bank Co Ltd600036.SS28-MarAfter Market Close0.68
China Merchants Securities Co600999.SS28-MarTime Not Supplied0.22
China Merchants Shekou Industr001979.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Modern Dairy Holdings Lt1117.HK28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Quanjude Group Co Ltd002186.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Resources Gas Group Ltd1193.HK28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Sports Industry Group Co600158.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Techfaith Wireless CommuCNTF28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Yongda Automobiles Servi3669.HK28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Chinalco Mining Corporation In3668.HK28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Chongqing Landai Powertrain Co002765.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ciputra Development Tbk PTCTRA.JK28-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Circle Holdings PLCCIRC.L28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Comdirect Bank AGCOM.DE28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Compal Electronics Inc2324.TW28-MarTime Not Supplied0.64
Companhia Energetica de MinasCMIG4.SA28-MarAfter Market Close0.61
Cord Blood America IncCBAI28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Corridor Resources IncCDH.TO28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
COSCO Shipping Energy Transpor600026.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
COSCO SHIPPING Ports Ltd1199.HK28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Create Technology & Science Co000551.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Dalmac Energy IncDAL.V28-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Darden Restaurants IncDRI28-MarBefore Market Open1.28
Dare Power Dekor Home Co Ltd000910.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Dave & Buster's EntertainmentPLAY28-MarAfter Market Close0.59
DGSE Companies IncDGSE28-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Digital Power CorpDPW28-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Diurnal Group PLCDNL.L28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Diversified Royalty CorpDIV.TO28-MarAfter Market Close0.05
Document Security Systems IncDSS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
EACO CorpEACO28-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Ebiquity PLCEBQ.L28-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Empire Resources IncERS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Enbw Energie Baden WuerttemberEBK.DE28-Mar03:00 am ETN/A
Enumeral Biomedical Holdings IENUM28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Evotec AGEVT.DE28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
FactSet Research Systems IncFDS28-MarBefore Market Open1.8
FieldPoint Petroleum CorpFPP28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Financial Street Holdings Co L000402.SZ28-MarTime Not Supplied0.52
Flexible Solutions InternationFSI28-MarAfter Market Close0.02
FlexShopper IncFPAY28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Foxconn Technology Co Ltd2354.TW28-MarTime Not Supplied2.23
Friwo AGCEA.DE28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Fujian Sunnada Communication C002417.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
G-bits Network Technology Xiam603444.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Galaxy Gaming IncGLXZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Gansu Jingyuan Coal Industry a000552.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Gansu Jiu Steel Group Hongxing600307.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
GCM Resources plcGCM.L28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Giant Manufacturing Co Ltd9921.TW28-MarTime Not Supplied1.85
GLG Life Tech CorpGLG.TO28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Goodbaby International Holding1086.HK28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Gran Colombia Gold CorpGCM.TO28-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Guangzhou Devotion Thermal Tec300335.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangzhou Zhujiang Brewery Co002461.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hainan Mining Co Ltd601969.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hainan RuiZe New Building Mate002596.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hamborner Reit AGHAB.DE28-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Hangzhou Electronic Soul Netwo603258.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Harbin Dongan Auto Engine Co L600178.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Harbin Electric Co Ltd1133.HK28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hefei Urban Construction Devel002208.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Heilongjiang Agriculture Co Lt600598.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Honz Pharmaceutical Co Ltd300086.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
hopTo IncHPTO28-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Huadian Power International Co600027.SS28-MarTime Not Supplied0.06
Hualan Biological Engineering002007.SZ28-MarTime Not Supplied0.24
Huayi Brothers Media Corp300027.SZ28-MarTime Not Supplied0.13
Hubei Shuanghuan Science and T000707.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hunan Copote Science Technolog600476.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hunan Haili Chemical Co Ltd600731.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hunan Nanling Industrial Explo002096.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hundsun Technologies Inc600570.SS28-MarTime Not Supplied0.41
IHS Markit LtdINFO28-MarBefore Market Open0.45
Immunotec IncIMM.V28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Innovative Food Holdings IncIVFH28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Interpace Diagnostics Group InIDXG28-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Intouch Insight LtdINX.V28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Inventec Corp2356.TW28-MarTime Not Supplied0.47
Ironveld PLCIRON.L28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
IZEA IncIZEA28-MarAfter Market Close-0.23
Jiangsu Chengxing Phosph-Chemi600078.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu General Science Techno601500.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu Phoenix Property Inves600716.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu Zhongnan Construction000961.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
JinGuyuan Holding Co Ltd000408.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jinling Pharmaceutical Co Ltd000919.SZ28-MarTime Not Supplied0.24
Juli Sling Co Ltd002342.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
K&C Reit PLCKCR.L28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
L&K Engineering Suzhou Co Ltd603929.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Laureate Education IncLAUR28-MarAfter Market Close0.28
Learning Technologies Group PLLTG.L28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Legacy Education Alliance IncLEAI28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Leyard Optoelectronic Co Ltd300296.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
LianChuang Electronic Technolo002036.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Lime Energy CoLIME28-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Lingyun Industrial Co Ltd600480.SS28-MarTime Not Supplied0.08
Linzhou Heavy Machinery Group002535.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
LM Funding America IncLMFA28-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Lonking Holdings Ltd3339.HK28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ludwig Beck am Rathauseck TextECK.DE28-MarTime Not Supplied1.51
MAG Silver CorpMAG.TO28-MarTime Not Supplied-0.03
Manitok Energy IncMEI.V28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Marathon Patent Group IncMARA28-MarAfter Market Close-0.27
Marrone Bio Innovations IncMBII28-MarAfter Market Close-0.26
McCormick & Company IncMKC28-MarBefore Market Open0.75
Medicure IncMPH.V28-MarAfter Market Close0.11
Metallurgical Corporation of C601618.SS28-MarTime Not Supplied0.07
Minmetals Development Co Ltd600058.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Misho Ecology and Landscape Co300495.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Mobile Streams PLCMOS.L28-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Moss Bros Group PLCMOSB.L28-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Motic Xiamen Electric Group Co300341.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
MySquar LtdMYSQ.L28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Nanjing Red Sun Co Ltd000525.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
National American University HNAUH28-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Neopost SANEO.PA28-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Network-1 Technologies IncNTIP28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
New Concept Energy IncGBR28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
New Millennium Iron CorpNML.TO28-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
NF Energy Saving CorpNFEC28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ningbo Bird Co Ltd600130.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ningbo Boway Alloy Material Co601137.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ningbo Kangqiang Electronics C002119.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ningbo Marine Co Ltd600798.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ningbo Zhongbai Co Ltd600857.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Norish PLCNSH.L28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Northeast Electric Development000585.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Nostrum Oil & Gas PLCNOG.L28-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Ollie's Bargain Outlet HoldingOLLI28-MarAfter Market Close0.35
Omnitek Engineering CorpOMTK28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Orexigen Therapeutics IncOREX28-MarBefore Market Open-1.18
Orpea SAORP.PA28-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
OVB Holding AGO4B.DE28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Pacific Health Care OrganizatiPFHO28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Park Lawn CorpPLC.TO28-MarTime Not Supplied0.14
ParkerVision IncPRKR28-MarAfter Market Close-0.32
Pen IncPENC28-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Pernix Therapeutics Holdings IPTX28-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Personal Group Holdings PLCPGH.L28-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Posera LtdPAY.TO28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Professional Diversity NetworkIPDN28-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Progress Software CorpPRGS28-MarAfter Market Close0.26
Prometic Life Sciences IncPLI.TO28-MarAfter Market Close-0.04
Provectus Biopharmaceuticals IPVCT28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Pulse Beverage CorpPLSB28-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Qinghai Huading Industrial Co600243.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
QuMei Home Furnishings Group C603818.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
QuoteMedia IncQMCI28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Remark Media IncMARK28-MarAfter Market Close-0.28
ReneSola LtdSOL28-MarBefore Market Open-0.84
RiceBran TechnologiesRIBT28-MarTime Not Supplied-0.04
Risesun Real Estate Developmen002146.SZ28-MarTime Not Supplied0.09
Rizhao Port Co Ltd600017.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
SANUWAVE Health IncSNWV28-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Sealand Securities Co Ltd000750.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Security National Financial CoSNFCA28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shandong Buchang Pharmaceutica603858.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shandong Gold Mining Co Ltd600547.SS28-MarTime Not Supplied0.25
Shandong Hi-Speed Road and Bri000498.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shang Hai Ya Tong Co Ltd600692.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Belling Corp Ltd600171.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical600196.SS28-MarTime Not Supplied0.29
Shanghai Hugong Electric Group603131.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Jiao Yun Group Co Ltd600676.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai New Culture Media Gro300336.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Yimin Commercial Grou600824.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanxi Sanwei Group Co Ltd000755.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shen Zhen Mindata Holding Co L002137.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Capchem Technology Co300037.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Chiwan Wharf Holdings000022.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Jianyi Decoration Gro002789.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Kstar Science & Techn002518.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Nanshan Power Co Ltd000037.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Sunlord Electronics C002138.SZ28-MarTime Not Supplied0.1
Shenzhen Sunwin Intelligent Co300044.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Worldunion Properties002285.SZ28-MarTime Not Supplied0.05
Shunfa Hengye Corp000631.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sichuan Meifeng Chemical Indus000731.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Simplo Technology Co Ltd6121.TWO28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sito Mobile LtdSITO28-MarTime Not Supplied-0.02
Somos Educacao SASEDU3.SA28-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Sonic CorpSONC28-MarAfter Market Close0.15
SPAR Group IncSGRP28-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Spectral Medical IncEDT.TO28-MarTime Not Supplied-0.01
Spitfire Oil LtdSRO.L28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
SUFA Technology Industry Co Lt000777.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Summarecon Agung Tbk PTSMRA.JK28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Superconductor Technologies InSCON28-MarBefore Market Open-0.55
Suzhou Electrical Apparatus Sc300215.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sypris Solutions IncSYPR28-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Table Trac IncTBTC28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Talon Metals CorpTLO.TO28-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Tasty PLCTAST.L28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tele Columbus AGTC1.DE28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Telkonet IncTKOI28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tengasco IncTGC28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Teyi Pharmaceutical Group Co L002728.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tianjin Chase Sun Pharmaceutic300026.SZ28-MarTime Not Supplied0.05
Tianqi Lithium Industries Inc002466.SZ28-MarTime Not Supplied0.44
Tianshui Huatian Technology Co002185.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tibet Tianlu Co Ltd600326.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
TIO Networks CorpTNC.V28-MarBefore Market Open0.02
Tom Tailor Holding AGTTI.DE28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
TongKun Group Co Ltd601233.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tradegate AG WertpapierhandelsT2G.F28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Transcontinental Realty InvestTCI28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Trez Capital Mortgage InvestmeTZZ.TO28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
TSS IncTSSI28-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Unilever Indonesia Tbk PTUNVR.JK28-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
UrtheCast CorpUR.TO28-MarTime Not Supplied-0.03
Vuzix CorpVUZI28-MarAfter Market Close-0.22
Vycor Medical IncVYCO28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Wan Hai Lines Ltd2615.TW28-MarTime Not Supplied0.07
Western Region Gold Co Ltd601069.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Westmoreland Coal CoWLB28-MarAfter Market Close0.81
Wiscom System Co Ltd002090.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Wolseley PLCWOS.L28-Mar02:00 am ETN/A
Wuhan Jingce Electronic Techno300567.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Wynn Macau Ltd1128.HK28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Xiamen Academy of Building Res002398.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Xiamen Meiya Pico Information300188.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
XiAn Dagang Road Machinery Co300103.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Xingye Leather Technology Co L002674.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Xining Special Steel Co Ltd600117.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Xinjiang International Industr000159.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Xinjiang Machinery Research In300159.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Xinjiang Yilite Industry Co Lt600197.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Yew Bio-Pharm Group IncYEWB28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Youngevity International IncYGYI28-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Yueyang Forest & Paper Co Ltd600963.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Yueyang Xingchang Petro-Chemic000819.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Yunnan Xiyi Industrial Co Ltd002265.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang DiAn Diagnostics Co L300244.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Hailide New Material002206.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Huazheng New Material603186.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Kan Specialities Mate002012.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Nhu Co Ltd002001.SZ28-MarTime Not Supplied0.12
Zhejiang Rongsheng Environment603165.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Semir Garment Co Ltd002563.SZ28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Tiancheng Controls Co603085.SS28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machiner601717.SS28-MarTime Not Supplied-0.03
Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co Ltd600066.SS28-MarTime Not Supplied0.8
Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co3898.HK28-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
4Sc AGVSC.DE29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Alam Sutera Realty Tbk PTASRI.JK29-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Alliance Pharma PLCAPH.L29-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Altura Energy IncATU.V29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Anhui Anke Biotechnology Group300009.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Arianne Phosphate IncDAN.V29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Asia Cement Corp1102.TW29-MarTime Not Supplied0.61
ATRM Holdings IncATRM29-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Baoxin Auto Group Ltd1293.HK29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Bassett Furniture Industries IBSET29-MarBefore Market Open0.29
BBMG Corp601992.SS29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Bewinner Communication002148.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Capital Co Ltd600008.SS29-MarTime Not Supplied0.05
Beijing Ctrowell Technology Co300455.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Bestway Marine & Energy Techno300008.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Billing Services Group LtdBILL.L29-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Borders and Southern PetroleumBOR.L29-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Caledonian Trust PLCCNN.L29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Cangzhou Mingzhu Plastic Co Lt002108.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Cartesian IncCRTN29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Changbai Mountain Tourism Co L603099.SS29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Changsha Kaiyuan Instruments C300338.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Chanticleer Holdings IncHOTR29-MarTime Not Supplied-0.02
Charoen Pokphand Indonesia TbkCPIN.JK29-MarAfter Market Close42.08
Chengdu Galaxy Magnets Co Ltd300127.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Chengdu Xingrong Environment C000598.SZ29-MarTime Not Supplied0.04
Chesnara PLCCSN.L29-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
China Airlines Ltd2610.TW29-MarTime Not Supplied0.44
China Huarong Energy Co Ltd1101.HK29-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
China Mengniu Dairy Co Ltd2319.HK29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Motor Corp2204.TW29-MarTime Not Supplied0.36
China Pacific Insurance Group601601.SS29-MarTime Not Supplied0.22
China Petrochemical Developmen1314.TW29-MarTime Not Supplied-0.04
China Pharma Holdings IncCPHI29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Cleantech Solutions InternatioCLNT29-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Copper Fox Metals IncCUU.V29-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Costain Group PLCCOST.L29-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
CRRC Corp Ltd601766.SS29-MarTime Not Supplied0.14
Delek Group LtdDLEKG.TA29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Digiwin Software Co Ltd300378.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Dunedin Income Growth InvestmeDIG.L29-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Eastern Platinum LtdELR.TO29-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Elbit Imaging LtdEMITF.TA29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Elitegroup Computer Systems Co2331.TW29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
ENN Ecological Holdings Co Ltd600803.SS29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Enservco CorpENSV29-MarBefore Market Open-0.01
Evergreen Marine Corp Taiwan L2603.TW29-MarTime Not Supplied-0.09
EXFO IncEXF.TO29-MarAfter Market Close0.06
Fidelity Japanese Values PLCFJV.L29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Fincantieri SpAFCT.MI29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
First Tractor Co Ltd601038.SS29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Folli Follie Commercial ManufaFFGRP.AT29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Fujian Newland Computer Co Ltd000997.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Fujian Sanmu Group Co Ltd000632.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Fushun Special Steel Co Ltd600399.SS29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Gazit Globe LtdGZT.TA29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd3800.HK29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Genedrive PLCGDR.L29-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Genius Brands International InGNUS29-MarTime Not Supplied-0.37
Gevo IncGEVO29-MarAfter Market Close-0.96
GlobalData PLCDATA.L29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Grammer AGGMM.DE29-MarBefore Market Open0.87
Greek Organisation of FootballOPAP.AT29-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Guangdong Provincial Expresswa000429.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
GuangDong Super Telecom Co Ltd603322.SS29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangshen Railway Co Ltd601333.SS29-MarAfter Market Close0.03
Guangxi Guitang Group Co Ltd000833.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Gudang Garam Tbk PTGGRM.JK29-MarTime Not Supplied1059.89
Guizhou Qianyuan Power Co Ltd002039.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guizhou Wire Rope Co Ltd600992.SS29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hainan Airlines Co Ltd600221.SS29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Haitong Securities Co Ltd600837.SS29-MarTime Not Supplied0.25
Hengdeli Holdings Ltd3389.HK29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hilton Food Group PLCHFG.L29-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co2317.TW29-MarTime Not Supplied2.79
Huagong Tech Co Ltd000988.SZ29-MarTime Not Supplied0.07
Huawei Culture Co Ltd002502.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hubei Huitian New Materials Co300041.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Imperial Metals CorpIII.TO29-MarAfter Market Close-0.13
Indoor Harvest CorpINQD29-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
International Stem Cell CorpISCO29-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
James Halstead PLCJHD.L29-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Jiangsu Nonghua Intelligent Ag000816.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangxi Copper Co Ltd600362.SS29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jinling Hotel Corp Ltd601007.SS29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiugui Liquor Co Ltd000799.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jointo Energy Investment Co Lt000600.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jubilee Platinum PLCJLP.L29-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Kalbe Farma Tbk PTKLBF.JK29-MarTime Not Supplied13.92
Kama Co Ltd900953.SS29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Kingold Jewelry IncKGJI29-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Kuaijishan Shaoxing Wine Co Lt601579.SS29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Kula Gold LtdKGD.AX29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Leifheit AGLEI.DE29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Lindsay CorpLNN29-MarBefore Market Open0.4
Liuzhou Liangmianzhen Co Ltd600249.SS29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Lululemon Athletica IncLULU29-MarAfter Market Close1.01
Luna Gold CorpLGC.TO29-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Magal Security Systems LtdMAGS29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Marathon Gold CorpMOZ.TO29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Matinas BioPharma Holdings IncMTNB29-MarTime Not Supplied-0.08
Merchants Trust PLCMRCH.L29-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Migdal Insurance and FinancialMGDL.TA29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Minoan Group PLCMIN.L29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Mitra Adiperkasa Tbk PTMAPI.JK29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
National Waste Management HoldNWMH29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Naturex SANRX.PA29-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Net Element IncNETE29-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Neuroderm LtdNDRM29-MarBefore Market Open-0.46
New China Life Insurance Co Lt601336.SS29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
New West Energy Services IncNWE.V29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ningbo Fuda Co Ltd600724.SS29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ocean Bio-Chem IncOBCI29-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
OMNOVA Solutions IncOMN29-MarBefore Market Open0.05
One Horizon Group IncOHGI29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Orbite Technologies IncORT.TO29-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Parkit Enterprise IncPKT.V29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Paychex IncPAYX29-MarBefore Market Open0.54
PDG Realty SA EmpreendimentosPDGR3.SA29-MarAfter Market Close-5.7
Polypipe Group PLCPLP.L29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Public Power Corporation SAPPC.AT29-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
QC Holdings IncQCCO29-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Quanta Computer Inc2382.TW29-MarTime Not Supplied1.37
Regency Mines PLCRGM.L29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Retail Holdings NVRHDGF29-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Retractable Technologies IncRVP29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ritek Corp2349.TW29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Saga PLCSAGA.L29-Mar02:00 am ETN/A
Sanjiang Shopping Club Co Ltd601116.SS29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
SCISYS PLCSSY.L29-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Scout24 AGG24.DE29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Secureworks CorpSCWX29-MarBefore Market Open-0.06
Shandong Airlines Co Ltd200152.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shandong Laiwu Jinlei Wind Pow300443.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Industrial Developmen600748.SS29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai International Port Gr600018.SS29-MarTime Not Supplied0.08
Shanghai Jin Jiang Internation2006.HK29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Jinjiang Internationa900929.SS29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Shibei Hi-Tech Co Ltd600604.SS29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industr600320.SS29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen H&T Intelligent Contr002402.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Refond Optoelectronic300241.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sichuan Guodong Construction C600321.SS29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sichuan Kexin Mechanical and E300092.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sichuan Nitrocell Co Ltd002246.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sinopec Oilfield Service Corp600871.SS29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sinosteel Engineering & Techno000928.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sinotruk Hong Kong Ltd3808.HK29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
SolarWorld AGSWVK.DE29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sorl Auto Parts IncSORL29-MarBefore Market Open0.19
St Augustine Gold and Copper LSAU.TO29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sunworks IncSUNW29-MarBefore Market Open-0.14
Synlait Milk LtdSML.NZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Taiwan Cement Corp1101.TW29-MarTime Not Supplied0.65
Tefron LtdTFRLF.TA29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Theratechnologies IncTH.TO29-MarBefore Market Open0.01
Tian Di Science and Technology600582.SS29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tianjin Tianbao Infrastructure000965.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tibet Mineral Development Co L000762.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
TOMI Environmental Solutions ITOMZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
ULURU IncULUR29-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
UniFirst CorpUNF29-MarBefore Market Open1.01
Vermillion IncVRML29-MarBefore Market Open-0.05
Via Technologies Inc2388.TW29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Vinaland LtdVNL.L29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Vixs Systems IncVXS.TO29-MarAfter Market Close-0.04
Weichai Power Co Ltd000338.SZ29-MarTime Not Supplied0.19
Westaim CorpWED.V29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
WUS Printed Circuit Kunshan Co002463.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
X T L Biopharmaceuticals LtdXTLB.TA29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
XinJiang Beiken Energy Enginee002828.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Yang Ming Marine Transport Cor2609.TW29-MarTime Not Supplied-0.78
Yangzhou Yangjie Electronic Te300373.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Unifull Industrial Fi002427.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhengzhou Sino-Crystal Diamond300064.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zibo Qixiang Tengda Chemical C002408.SZ29-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Air China Ltd601111.SS30-MarTime Not Supplied0.07
Alibaba Pictures Group Ltd1060.HK30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Amryt Pharma PLCAMYT.L30-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Anglo Pacific Group PLCAPF.L30-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Anhui Julong Transmission Tech300475.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Appliance Recycling Centers ofARCI30-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
ASA Gold and Precious Metals LASA30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Asymchem Laboratories Tian Jin002821.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Bank Hapoalim BMPOLI.TA30-MarTime Not Supplied0.57
Bank Leumi Le Israel BMLUMI.TA30-MarTime Not Supplied0.38
Bank of Queensland LtdBOQ.AX30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Baywa AGBYW6.DE30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Capital Development Co600376.SS30-MarTime Not Supplied0.6
Beijing Dalong Weiye Real Esta600159.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Shougang Co Ltd000959.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing TRS Information Techno300229.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Better Life Commercial Chain S002251.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Bezeq Israeli TelecommunicatioBEZQ.TA30-MarTime Not Supplied0.12
Biotest AGBIO.DE30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Bluestar Adisseo Co Ltd600299.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Bringspring Science and Techno300290.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Buzzi Unicem SpABZU.MI30-MarTime Not Supplied0.1
Canny Elevator Co Ltd002367.SZ30-MarTime Not Supplied0.16
Center International Group Co603098.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Centrotec Sustainable AGCEV.DE30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Changsha Jingjia Microelectron300474.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Construction Bank Corp601939.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Design Group Co Ltd603018.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Fortune Land Development600340.SS30-MarTime Not Supplied0.69
China Gezhouba Group Co Ltd600068.SS30-MarTime Not Supplied0.14
China Gold International ResouCGG.TO30-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
China Railway Construction Cor601186.SS30-MarTime Not Supplied0.39
China Shineway Pharmaceutical2877.HK30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Southern Airlines Co Ltd600029.SS30-MarTime Not Supplied-0.14
Clean Diesel Technologies IncCDTI30-MarBefore Market Open-0.08
CNHTC Jinan Truck Co Ltd000951.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Comstock Holding Companies IncCHCI30-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
COSCO SHIPPING Holdings Co Ltd601919.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Csg Smart Science&Technology C300222.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
CVD Equipment CorpCVV30-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Dehua TB New Decoration Materi002043.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Dell Technologies IncDVMT30-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Digital China Group Co Ltd000034.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Digital China Information Serv000555.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Dollarama IncDOL.TO30-MarBefore Market Open1.12
Dongjiang Environmental Co Ltd002672.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Eagle Bulk Shipping IncEGLE30-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Electronic Cigarettes InternatECIG30-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
ElringKlinger AGZIL2.DE30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Epoxy Base Electronic Material603002.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Erdene Resource Development CoERD.TO30-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Eva Airways Corp2618.TW30-MarTime Not Supplied0.28
Everbright Securities Co Ltd601788.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Fair Value Reit AGFVI.DE30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Far Eastern Department Stores2903.TW30-MarTime Not Supplied0.54
Ferratum OyjFRU.DE30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Fortec Elektronik AGFEV.DE30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Foshan Electrical and Lighting000541.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Franklin Covey CoFC30-MarAfter Market Close-0.22
Fujian Funeng Co Ltd600483.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Genel Energy PLCGENL.L30-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Golden Eagle Retail Group Ltd3308.HK30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangdong Guanghong Holdings C000529.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangdong Hongteo Accurate Tec300176.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangdong Kaiping Chunhui Co L000976.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co L000528.SZ30-MarTime Not Supplied0.06
Guangxi Wuzhou Zhongheng Group600252.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangzhou Holike Creative Home603898.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangzhou Improve Medical Inst300030.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guilin Tourism Corp Ltd000978.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guoxuan High-tech Co Ltd002074.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
H and R Century Union Corp000892.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
HAL TrustHAL.AS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AHHFA.DE30-Mar01:30 am ETN/A
Hangzhou Cable Co Ltd603618.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hangzhou Century Co Ltd300078.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hangzhou Jiebai Group Co Ltd600814.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hangzhou Robam Appliances Co L002508.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hefei Department Store Group C000417.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hefei Meiling Co Ltd000521.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hefei Metalforming Intelligent603011.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Henan Huaying Agricultural Dev002321.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Henan Oriental Silver Star Inv600753.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Henan Tongli Cement Co Ltd000885.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Himile Mechanical Science and002595.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hisense Kelon Electrical Holdi000921.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hna-Caissa Travel Group Co Ltd000796.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hongfa Technology Co Ltd600885.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Huatai Securities Co Ltd601688.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
HUAYU Automotive Systems Co Lt600741.SS30-MarTime Not Supplied0.47
Huolinhe Opencut Coal Industry002128.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hydoo International Holding Lt1396.HK30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
InsPro Technologies CorpITCC30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Intellicheck Mobilisa IncIDN30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
International Public PartnershINPP.L30-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Inventure Foods IncSNAK30-MarBefore Market Open-0.04
Inzone Group Co Ltd600858.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu Jingshen Salt&Chemical603299.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu Yueda Investment Co Lt600805.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangyin Haida Rubber and Plas300320.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jinke Property Group Co Ltd000656.SZ30-MarTime Not Supplied0.13
KSB AGKSB.DE30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Lianhe Chemical Technology Co002250.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Limin Chemical Co Ltd002734.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Lotto24 AGLO24.DE30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Lu Thai Textile Co Ltd000726.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Lucky Film Co Ltd600135.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Maanshan Iron & Steel Co Ltd600808.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Manas Resources LtdMSR.AX30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Manz AGM5Z.DE30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Maoming Petro-Chemical Shihua000637.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Mediclin AGMED.DE30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Mosel Vitelic Inc2342.TW30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Nanjing Gaoke Co Ltd600064.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Nanjing Panda Electronics Co L600775.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Nanjing Yunhai Special Metals002182.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Nanning Chemical Industry Co L600301.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Nantong Acetic Acid Chemical C603968.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
National Bank of Greece SAETE.AT30-Mar10:30 am ETN/A
Nationz Technologies Inc300077.SZ30-MarTime Not Supplied0.05
Natuzzi SpANTZ30-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Ningbo Port Co Ltd601018.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ningxia Qinglong Pipes Industr002457.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Nomad Foods LtdNOMD30-MarBefore Market Open0.19
North Navigation Control Techn600435.SS30-MarTime Not Supplied0.02
One Group Hospitality IncSTKS30-MarAfter Market Close0.08
Optibase LtdOBAS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
ORG Packaging Co Ltd002701.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Partner Communications CompanyPTNR.TA30-MarTime Not Supplied0.18
Perlite Canada IncPCI.V30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
PetroChina Co Ltd601857.SS30-MarAfter Market Close0.03
pferdewetten de AGEMH1.DE30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
PositiveID CorpPSID30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
PVA Tepla AGTPE.DE30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Qian Jiang Water Resources Dev600283.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Qianjiang Yongan Pharmaceutica002365.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
QSC AGQSC.DE30-MarTime Not Supplied-0.13
Renrenle Commercial Group Co L002336.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Rising Nonferrous Metals Share600259.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Rxi Pharmaceuticals CorpRXII30-MarAfter Market Close-0.23
Science Applications InternatiSAIC30-MarBefore Market Open0.78
Shaanxi Aerospace Power Hi-Tec600343.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shaanxi Jinye Science Technolo000812.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shahe Industrial Co Ltd000014.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shandong Hualu-Hengsheng Chemi600426.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Chlor-Alkali Chemical600618.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Flyco Electrical Appl603868.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Hanbell Precise Machi002158.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Jin Jiang Internation600754.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Lianming Machinery Co603006.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Trendzone Constructio603030.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Xujiahui Commercial C002561.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenji Group Kunming Machine T600806.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenyang Chemical Industry Co000698.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenyang Jinbei Automotive Co600609.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenyang Toly Bread Co Ltd603866.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Kaizhong Precision Te002823.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Topway Video Communic002238.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Zhenye Group Co Ltd000006.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sichuan Expressway Co Ltd601107.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sichuan Star Cable Co Ltd603333.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sichuan Xichang Electric Power600505.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sino Wealth Electronic Ltd300327.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sino-Ocean Group Holding Ltd3377.HK30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
SJEC Corp601313.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
SLM Solutions Group AGAM3D.DE30-MarTime Not Supplied0.29
SMA Solar Technology AGS92.DE30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
SNP Schneider Neureither & ParSHF.DE30-MarTime Not Supplied0.16
South Huiton Co Ltd000920.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Splendid Medien AGSPM.DE30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Stallergenes Greer PLCSTAGR.PA30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sumatra Copper & Gold PLCSUM.AX30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Suntront Technology Co Ltd300259.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Suzhou Douson Drilling&Product603800.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Syzygy AGSYZ.DE30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Taiwan Fertilizer Co Ltd1722.TW30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tangshan Port Group Co Ltd601000.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tianjin Capital Environmental600874.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tianjin Jinbin Development Co000897.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tianjin Jingwei Electric Wire300120.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Titan Machinery IncTITN30-MarBefore Market Open-0.21
Tsingtao Brewery Co Ltd600600.SS30-MarTime Not Supplied-0.16
Uni-Pixel IncUNXL30-MarTime Not Supplied-0.11
Unimicron Technology Corp3037.TW30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Vita 34 AGV3V.DE30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Voxeljet AGVJET30-MarAfter Market Close-0.08
Weichai Heavy Machinery Co Ltd000880.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
WidePoint CorpWYY30-MarAfter Market Close0
Wilex AGWL6.DE30-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Worthington Industries IncWOR30-MarBefore Market Open0.64
Wuxi Rural Commercial Bank Co600908.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Xiangtan Electric Manufacturin600416.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Xinhua Winshare Publishing and601811.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Te002202.SZ30-MarTime Not Supplied0.11
Xinjiang Tianrun Dairy Co Ltd600419.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Xinjiang Tianshan Animal Husba300313.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Yunnan Wenshan Electric Power600995.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Yunnan Yuntianhua Co Ltd600096.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang China Commodities Cit600415.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Qianjiang Biochemical600796.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Supor Co Ltd002032.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Weixing Industrial De002003.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Xianju Pharmaceutical002332.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhongbai Holdings Group Co Ltd000759.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhongmin Energy Co Ltd600163.SS30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhongnan Red Cultural Group Co002445.SZ30-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhuzhou Times New Material Tec600458.SS30-MarTime Not Supplied0.19
Aap Implantate AGAAQ.DE31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Addsino Co Ltd000547.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Advanced Technology & Material000969.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Aerospace Communications Holdi600677.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Allerthal Werke AGATW.BE31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Alpha Group002292.SZ31-MarTime Not Supplied0.09
Anhui Honglu Steel Constructio002541.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Anhui Shanying Paper Industry600567.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Anshan Senyuan Road & Bridge C300210.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Apple Flavor & Fragrance Group603020.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Baida Group Co Ltd600865.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Bank of China Ltd601988.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
BaoJi Titanium Industry Co Ltd600456.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Basler AGBSL.DE31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beibu Gulf Port Co Ltd000582.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Dabeinong Technology G002385.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Electronic Zone Invest600658.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Jetsen Technology Co L300182.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing JIAYU Door Window and300117.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Join-Cheer Software Co002279.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Sifang Automation Co L601126.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Tianli Mobile Service300399.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Tongtech Co Ltd300379.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
BlackBerry LtdBB.TO31-MarBefore Market Open0
BOC Hong Kong Holdings Ltd2388.HK31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Braas Monier Building Group SABMSA.DE31-MarAfter Market CloseN/A
Capital Stage AGCAP.DE31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Cecep Environmental Protection300140.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ceepower Co Ltd300062.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
CENIT AGCSH.DE31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Central China Securities Co Lt1375.HK31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Chacha Food Co Ltd002557.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Changsheng Bio-technology Co L002680.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Changzheng Engineering Co Ltd603698.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Chengdu Xinzhu Road&Bridge Mac002480.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Chengdu Xuguang Electronics Co600353.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Chengzhi Shareholding Co Ltd000990.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Cinda Asset Management C1359.HK31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Eastern Airlines Corp Lt600115.SS31-MarTime Not Supplied0.01
China Merchants Energy Shippin601872.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Minsheng Banking Corp Lt600016.SS31-MarTime Not Supplied0.46
China Molybdenum Co Ltd603993.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China National Complete Plant000151.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China National Materials Co Lt1893.HK31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China National Software & Serv600536.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Railway Group Ltd601390.SS31-MarTime Not Supplied0.2
China Railway Hi-tech Industry600528.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
China West Construction Co Ltd002302.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Chongqing Fuling Electric Powe600452.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Chongqing Fuling Zhacai Group002507.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Chongqing Gas Group Corp Ltd600917.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Chongqing Water Group Co Ltd601158.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Chorus Clean Energy AGCU1.DE31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
COSCO SHIPPING Development Co601866.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Cosmos Group Co Ltd002133.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Cultural Investment Holdings C600715.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Da An Gene Co Ltd of Sun Yat-S002030.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Dalian Zeus Entertainment Co L002354.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Dawning Information Industry C603019.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Dazhong Transportation Group C600611.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Dongfeng Automobile Co Ltd600006.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Dongfeng Electronic Technology600081.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Donlinks International Investm000893.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
East China Engineering Science002140.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Founder Securities Co Ltd601901.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Fuan Pharmaceutical Group Co L300194.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Fujian Fynex Textile Science a600493.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Fujian Rongji Software Co Ltd002474.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Fujian Superpipe Co Ltd300198.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Galaxy Biomedical Investment C000806.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
GEPIC Energy Development Co Lt000791.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Glodon Co Ltd002410.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Goldcup Electric Apparatus Co002533.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Gree Real Estate Co Ltd600185.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangdong Bobaolon Co Ltd002776.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangdong Chant Group Inc002616.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangdong Dynavolt Renewable E002684.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangdong No2 Hydropower Engin002060.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangdong Redwall New Material002809.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangdong Taiantang Pharmaceut002433.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangdong Xinbao Electrical Ap002705.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangxi Fenglin Wood Industry601996.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangzhou Automobile Group Co601238.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangzhou Haige Communications002465.SZ31-MarTime Not Supplied0.1
Guangzhou Haozhi Industrial Co300503.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangzhou Pearl River Industri600684.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangzhou Seagull Kitchen and002084.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guizhou Jiulian Industrial Exp002037.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hainan HNA Infrastructure Inve600515.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hainan Strait Shipping Co Ltd002320.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hangzhou Hangyang Co Ltd002430.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hangzhou Shunwang Technology C300113.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hangzhou Youngsun Intelligent603901.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Henan Rebecca Hair Products Co600439.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Huasi Holding Co Ltd002494.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Huayi Compressor Co Ltd000404.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hubei Chutian Expressway Co Lt600035.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hubei Jiuzhiyang Infrared Syst300516.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hubei Yihua Chemical Industry000422.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hunan China Sun Pharmaceutical300216.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hunan Sundy Science and Techno300515.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hunan Zhongke Electric Co Ltd300035.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Industrial and Commercial Bank601398.SS31-MarTime Not Supplied0.15
Industrial and Commercial Bank601398.SS31-MarTime Not Supplied0.15
Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial600887.SS31-MarTime Not Supplied0.17
Innovation Medical Management002173.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangmen Kanhoo Industry Co Lt300340.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu Changshu Rural Commerc601128.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu Dagang Co Ltd002077.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu Hongtu High Technology600122.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu Kanion Pharmaceutical600557.SS31-MarTime Not Supplied0.15
Jiangsu WELLE Environmental Co300190.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu Wuzhong Industrial Co600200.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu Zhongchao Holding Co L002471.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangxi Changyun Co Ltd600561.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jilin Aodong Pharmaceutical Gr000623.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jilin Forest Industry Co Ltd600189.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jilin Power Share Co Ltd000875.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jinzhou Port Co Ltd600190.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Kailuan Energy Chemical Co Ltd600997.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Kingsignal Technology Co Ltd300252.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Konka Group Co Ltd000016.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Kunwu Jiuding Investment Holdi600053.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Kyland Technology Co Ltd300353.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Lancy Co Ltd002612.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Lepu Medical Technology Beijin300003.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Liaoning Cheng Da Co Ltd600739.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Liaoning SG Automotive Group C600303.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Lomon Billions Group Co Ltd002601.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Luoniushan Co Ltd000735.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Luoyang Glass Co Ltd600876.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Luoyang Northglass Technology002613.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Midea Group Co Ltd000333.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Mueller Die Lila Logistik AGMLL.DE31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Nanjing Putian Telecommunicati200468.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Nanjing Xinjiekou Department S600682.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Nantong Jianghai Capacitor Co002484.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Nemetschek SENEM.DE31-Mar01:00 am ET0.37
Neusoft Corp600718.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ningbo Gaofa Automotive Contro603788.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ningbo Tech Bank Co Ltd002124.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ningbo Yunsheng Co Ltd600366.SS31-MarTime Not Supplied0.12
Nordic Shipholding A/SNORDIC.CO31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Nuode Investment Co Ltd600110.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Omnijoi Media Corp300528.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Orient Securities Co Ltd600958.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Pantheon Resources PLCPANR.L31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Pelikan AGHEZ.F31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Phoenix Solar AGPS4.DE31-MarBefore Market OpenN/A
Qinghai Salt Lake Industry Co000792.SZ31-MarTime Not Supplied0.01
Quirin Bank AGQB7.DE31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Realcan Pharmaceutical Co Ltd002589.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
RIB Software AGRIB.DE31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sailun Jinyu Group Co Ltd601058.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
SDIC Essence Holdings Co Ltd600061.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shandong Hi-speed Co Ltd600350.SS31-MarTime Not Supplied0.22
Shandong Huatai Paper Industry600308.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shandong Jincheng Pharmaceutic300233.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shandong Longlive Bio-Technolo002604.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shandong Molong Petroleum Mach002490.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shandong Swan Cotton Industria603029.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Baosteel Packaging Co601968.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai DaZhong Public Utilit600635.SS31-MarTime Not Supplied0.06
Shanghai Dragon Corp600630.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Fukong Interactive En600634.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Ganglian E-Commerce H300226.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Hi-Tech Control Syste002184.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Jinqiao Export Proces600639.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai No1 Pharmacy Co Ltd600833.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Precise Packaging Co300442.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai STEP Electric Corp002527.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai U9 Game Co Ltd600652.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Gla600819.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanxi Coal International Ener600546.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanxi Lanhua Sci-Tech Venture600123.SS31-MarTime Not Supplied0.67
Shengyi Technology Co Ltd600183.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenyang Jinshan Energy Co Ltd600396.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Airport Co Ltd000089.SZ31-MarTime Not Supplied0.07
Shenzhen Center Power Tech Co002733.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Coship Electronics Co002052.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Fastprint Circuit Tec002436.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Gas Corp Ltd601139.SS31-MarTime Not Supplied0.11
Shenzhen Huijie Group Co Ltd002763.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Kaifa Technology Co L000021.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Laibao Hi-Tech Co Ltd002106.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Liande Automatic Equi300545.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Properties & Resource000011.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Silver Basis Technolo002786.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Tagen Group Co Ltd000090.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Textile Holdings Co L000045.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Zhongjin Lingnan Nonf000060.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Zowee Tech Co Ltd002369.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sichuan Jinlu Group Co Ltd000510.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sichuan Jiuyuan Yinhai Softwar002777.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sichuan Kelun Pharmaceutical C002422.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sichuan Monarch Sanitary Ware002798.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sichuan Yahua Industrial Group002497.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sinocare Inc300298.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sinomach General Machinery Sci600444.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Softship AGSFO.DE31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sparta AGSPT6.F31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
SPIC Shijiazhuang Dongfang Ene000958.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Spring Airlines Co Ltd601021.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Starcom PLCSTAR.L31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Starlake Bioscience Co Inc Zha600866.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Starway Bio-Technology Co Ltd300143.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Suning Commerce Group Co Ltd002024.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Suning Universal Co Ltd000718.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sunvim Group Co Ltd002083.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Taiji Computer Corp Ltd002368.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tasly Pharmaceutical Group Co600535.SS31-MarTime Not Supplied0.45
TECO Electric & Machinery Co L1504.TW31-MarTime Not Supplied0.45
Tianjin Guifaxiang 18th Street002820.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tianjin Motor Dies Co Ltd002510.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tianjin Zhongxin Pharmaceutica600329.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tong Oil Tools Co Ltd300164.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Top Energy Company Ltd Shanxi600780.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Triumph Science and Technology600552.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tus-Guhan Group Corp Ltd000590.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Wanda Cinema Line Co Ltd002739.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Wenzhou Hongfeng Electrical Al300283.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Wuliangye Yibin Co Ltd000858.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Wuxi Boton Technology Co Ltd300031.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
XI An Hongsheng Technology Co600817.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Yantai Jereh Oilfield Services002353.SZ31-MarTime Not Supplied0.28
Yifan Pharmaceutical Co Ltd002019.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Yingde Gases Group Co Ltd2168.HK31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Yonghui Superstores Co Ltd601933.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Yunnan Lincang Xinyuan Germani002428.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Yunnan Luoping Zinc & Electric002114.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhe Jiang Dong Ri Ltd Co600113.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Asia Pacific Mechanic002284.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
ZheJiang BangJie Digital Knitt002634.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang China Light & Textile600790.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
ZheJiang RIFA Precision Machin002520.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Zhenyuan Share Co Ltd000705.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhongshan Public Utilities Gro000685.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhuzhou Kibing Group Co Ltd601636.SS31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zoneco Group Co Ltd002069.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zoomlion Heavy Industry Scienc000157.SZ31-MarTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Gehua CATV Network Co600037.SS Time Not Supplied0.13
Beijing Soft Rock Investment G000609.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
BGRIMM Science and Technology600980.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
ChengDu Hi-Tech Development Co000628.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
China Camc Engineering Co Ltd002051.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
China High Speed Railway Techn000008.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
China Wafer Level CSP Co Ltd603005.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
CSSC Offshore & Marine Enginee600685.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Faw Car Co Ltd000800.SZ Time Not Supplied0.42
Fujian Mindong Electric Power000993.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Fujian Septwolves Industry Co002029.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Gemdale Corp600383.SS Time Not Supplied0.53
Guangzhou Hengyun Enterprises000531.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Henan Ancai Hi-tech Co Ltd600207.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Henan Taloph Pharmaceutical St600222.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Henan Yuneng Holdings Co Ltd001896.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Hunan Development Group Co Ltd000722.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Inner Mongolia Furui Medical S300049.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu King's Luck Brewery Jo603369.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu Liba Enterprise Joint-603519.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu Tongguang Electronic W300265.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
NanJing Pharmaceutical Co Ltd600713.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co Lt600651.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Aoto Electronics Co L002587.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Sichuan Chengfa Aero Science a600391.SS Time Not Supplied0.05
Southwest Securities Co Ltd600369.SS Time Not Supplied0.04
Tianjin FAW Xiali Automobile C000927.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Venustech Group Inc002439.SZ Time Not Supplied0.08
Wuxi Baichuan Chemical Industr002455.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Yunnan Copper Co Ltd000878.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Co Ltd603799.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
A Schulman IncSHLM3-AprAfter Market Close0.3
A2A SpAA2A.MI3-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Air Industries GroupAIRI3-AprTime Not Supplied0.1
Aveda Transportation and EnergAVE.V3-AprAfter Market Close-0.24
BAB IncBABB3-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Belvoir Lettings PLCBLV.L3-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
BioHiTech Global IncBHTG3-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Biorem IncBRM.V3-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Continental Materials CorpCUO3-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
COSCO SHIPPING Specialized Car600428.SS3-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Edap Tms SAEDAP3-AprAfter Market Close0.04
Etablissements Maurel et PromMAU.PA3-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
F&C Commercial Property TrustFCPT.L3-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
FLYHT Aerospace Solutions LtdFLY.V3-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Getech Group PLCGTC.L3-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
Greenbrier Companies IncGBX3-AprBefore Market Open0.84
HCL Technologies LtdHCLTECH.NS3-AprBefore Market Open14.7
Hostelworld Group PLCHSW.L3-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ingenta PLCING.L3-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
International Speedway CorpISCA3-AprBefore Market Open0.45
Keywords Studios PLCKWS.L3-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Manchester And London InvestmeMNL.L3-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
MartinCo PLCMCO.L3-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
NovaGold Resources IncNG.TO3-AprAfter Market CloseN/A
OriginClear IncOCLN3-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Panmure Gordon & Co PLCPMR.L3-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
Pressure Biosciences IncPBIO3-AprAfter Market CloseN/A
Route1 IncROI.V3-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
Sinovac Biotech LtdSVA3-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
Smart Employee Benefits IncSEB.V3-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Specialist Investment PropertiSIPP.L3-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Vince Holding CorpVNCE3-AprBefore Market Open-0.05
8Point3 Energy Partners LPCAFD4-AprAfter Market Close-0.13
Acuity Brands IncAYI4-AprBefore Market Open1.83
Alvopetro Energy LtdALV.V4-AprTime Not Supplied-0.01
ASOS PLCASC.L4-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
Central Asia Metals PLCCAML.L4-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
Flowtech Fluidpower PLCFLO.L4-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Generation Next Franchise BranVEND4-AprTime Not Supplied-0.1
Global Payments IncGPN4-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
Hudson's Bay CoHBC.TO4-AprAfter Market Close0.55
Isign Solutions IncISGN4-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Kenon Holdings LtdKEN4-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
Landec CorpLNDC4-AprAfter Market Close0.18
Mercantile Investment Trust PLMRC.L4-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Midatech Pharma PLCMTPH.L4-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Nanoco Group PLCNANO.L4-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
Next Fifteen Communications GrNFC.L4-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
Richardson Electronics LtdRELL4-AprAfter Market Close-0.09
RPM International IncRPM4-AprBefore Market Open0.11
Sanne Group PLCSNN.L4-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Schnitzer Steel Industries IncSCHN4-AprBefore Market Open0.33
Sirius XM Canada Holdings IncXSR.TO4-AprAfter Market CloseN/A
Styles and Wood Group PLCSTY.L4-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
Utilitywise PLCUTW.L4-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
Zhejiang XinAn Chemical Indust600596.SS4-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Acorn Income Fund LtdAIF.L5-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
AngioDynamics IncANGO5-AprBefore Market Open0.15
Bed Bath & Beyond IncBBBY5-AprAfter Market Close1.78
Bremer Lagerhaus GesellschaftBLH.F5-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Chase CorpCCF5-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Europa Oil And Gas Holdings PLEOG.L5-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Firan Technology Group CorpFTG.TO5-AprBefore Market Open0.03
Fujian Tianma Science and Tech603668.SS5-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Fuwei Films Holdings Co LtdFFHL5-AprAfter Market CloseN/A
McCarthy & Stone PLCMCS.L5-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Milestone Scientific IncMLSS5-AprTime Not Supplied-0.05
Mitcham Industries IncMIND5-AprAfter Market Close-0.43
Monsanto CoMON5-AprBefore Market Open2.82
MTY Food Group IncMTY.TO5-AprAfter Market Close0.45
Netscientific PLCNSCI.L5-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Northern Technologies InternatNTIC5-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
PureTech Health PLCPRTC.L5-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Resources Connection IncRECN5-AprAfter Market Close0.14
Rite Aid CorpRAD5-AprBefore Market Open0.02
Sandvine CorpSVC.TO5-AprBefore Market Open0.03
SeaChange International IncSEAC5-AprAfter Market Close-0.07
TSR IncTSRI5-AprAfter Market CloseN/A
Walgreens Boots Alliance IncWBA5-Apr07:00 am ET1.36
Xinjiang Xintai Natural Gas Co603393.SS5-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Yum China Holdings IncYUMC5-AprAfter Market Close0.38
Zhejiang Xiantong Rubber&Plast603239.SS5-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Aier Eye Hospital Group Co Ltd300015.SZ6-AprTime Not Supplied0.17
An Hui Wenergy Co Ltd000543.SZ6-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Anhui Hengyuan Coal Industry a600971.SS6-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Antong Holdings Co Ltd600179.SS6-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Carmax IncKMX6-AprBefore Market Open0.79
Chengdu Kanghong Pharmaceutica002773.SZ6-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
COGECO IncCGO.TO6-AprAfter Market Close0.84
Constellation Brands IncSTZ6-AprBefore Market Open1.37
Divergent Energy Services LtdDVG.V6-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
Fred's IncFRED6-AprBefore Market Open-0.16
Gerresheimer AGGXI.DE6-Apr01:30 am ETN/A
Goodfellow IncGDL.TO6-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Griffin Industrial Realty IncGRIF6-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guizhou Xinbang Pharmaceutical002390.SZ6-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Gulf Keystone Petroleum LtdGKP.L6-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
Hella KGaA Hueck & CoHLE.DE6-AprTime Not Supplied0.73
Henan Huanghe Whirlwind Co Ltd600172.SS6-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hooker Furniture CorpHOFT6-AprBefore Market Open0.69
Huada Automotive Technology Co603358.SS6-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jacksonville Bancorp IncJXSB6-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
KappAhl AB (publ)KAHL.ST6-Apr01:30 am ET0.4
Kontron AGKBC.DE6-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Leo Group Co Ltd002131.SZ6-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Maintel Holdings PLCMAI.L6-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
MSC Industrial Direct Co IncMSM6-AprBefore Market Open0.9
New Trend International Logis-300532.SZ6-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ningbo Xianfeng New Material C300163.SZ6-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Nobina AB (publ)NOBINA.ST6-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Pacific Assets Trust PLCPAC.L6-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
PriceSmart IncPSMT6-AprAfter Market Close0.92
PrimeEnergy CorpPNRG6-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
Ruby Tuesday IncRT6-AprAfter Market CloseN/A
SAIC Motor Corp Ltd600104.SS6-AprTime Not Supplied0.85
Shang Gong Group Co Ltd600843.SS6-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Stolt-Nielsen LtdSNI.OL6-AprTime Not Supplied0.38
Suzhou Industrial Park Heshun300141.SZ6-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Taier Heavy Industry Co Ltd002347.SZ6-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
VTG AGVT9.DE6-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
WD-40 CoWDFC6-AprAfter Market Close0.9
Wirecard AGWDI.DE6-Apr01:30 am ETN/A
Xinjiang Ba Yi Iron and Steel600581.SS6-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Xiwang Foodstuffs Co Ltd000639.SZ6-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Busen Garments Co Ltd002569.SZ6-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
AFI Development PLCAFRB.L7-AprAfter Market CloseN/A
Anhui Genuine New Materials Co603429.SS7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing IRTOUCH Systems Co Ltd300282.SZ7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Bichamp Cutting Technology Hun002843.SZ7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Chongqing Lummy Pharmaceutical300006.SZ7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ginwa Enterprise Group Inc600080.SS7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Greatoo Intelligent Equipment002031.SZ7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangdong Chaohua Technology C002288.SZ7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangdong Guangzhou Daily Medi002181.SZ7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangdong Wens Foodstuff Group300498.SZ7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hainan Yedao Group Co Ltd600238.SS7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hebei Baoshuo Co Ltd600155.SS7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hefei Meiya Optoelectronic Tec002690.SZ7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Henan Senyuan Electric Co Ltd002358.SZ7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Holsin Engineering Consulting603909.SS7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hubei Sanonda Co Ltd000553.SZ7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hunan Fangsheng Pharmaceutical603998.SS7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu Holly Corp600128.SS7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jinduicheng Molybdenum Co Ltd601958.SS7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Kunming Longjin Pharmaceutical002750.SZ7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Lanzhou Huanghe Enterprise Co000929.SZ7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Qingdao Haili Metal One Co Ltd002537.SZ7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Qinghai Jinrui Mineral Develop600714.SS7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Rhoen Klinikum AGRHK.DE7-Apr01:00 am ETN/A
Shandong Huapeng Glass Co Ltd603021.SS7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shandong New Beiyang Informati002376.SZ7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Dragonnet Technology300245.SZ7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen JT Automation Equipme300400.SZ7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sichuan Guoguang Agrochemical002749.SZ7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Suzhou Shijia Science & Techno002796.SZ7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tryg A/STRYG.CO7-Apr01:30 am ET1.72
Yihua Healthcare Co Ltd000150.SZ7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhenjiang Dongfang Electric He300217.SZ7-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Shiji Information Tech002153.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Sojo Electric Co Ltd300444.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Urban-Rural Commercial600861.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Blackcow Food Co Ltd002387.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Camel Group Co Ltd601311.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
China Resources Wandong Medica600055.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
China Wuyi Co Ltd000797.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Chongqing Zongshen Power Machi001696.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Dalian Sunasia Tourism Holding600593.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Dayu Water-saving Group Co Ltd300021.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Fiberhome Telecommunication Te600498.SS Time Not Supplied0.3
GEM Co Ltd002340.SZ Time Not Supplied0.18
GRG Banking Equipment Co Ltd002152.SZ Time Not Supplied0.21
Guangdong Boxin Investing & Ho600083.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Guangdong Macro Co Ltd000533.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Guangxi Guidong Eletric Power600310.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Guangzheng Group Co Ltd002524.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Guangzhou Goaland Energy Conse300499.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group601177.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Hangzhou Everfine Photo-E-Info300306.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Hangzhou TianMuShan Pharmaceut600671.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Hi-target Navigation Tech Co L300177.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Huafa Industrial Co Ltd Zhuhai600325.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Hubei Radio & Television Infor000665.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu Dewei Advanced Materia300325.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu Huifeng Agrochemical C002496.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu Yuyue Medical Equipmen002223.SZ Time Not Supplied0.21
Jinyuan Cement Co Ltd000546.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Ningbo Construction Co Ltd601789.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Ningxia Western Venture Indust000557.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
North Electro-Optic Co Ltd600184.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shaanxi Construction Machinery600984.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shandong Humon Smelting Co Ltd002237.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Huili Building Materi900939.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Material Trading Co L600822.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Shenda Co Ltd600626.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Pa600895.SS Time Not Supplied0.08
Shantou Wanshun Package Materi300057.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Absen Optoelectronic300389.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Energy Group Co Ltd000027.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Geoway Co Ltd600462.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Grandland Group Co Lt002482.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Heungkong Holding Co600162.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Huiding Technology Co603160.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Noposion Agrochemical002215.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town000069.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen SEG Co Ltd000058.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Tellus Holding Co Ltd000025.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Soochow Securities Co Ltd601555.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
SVG Optronics Co Ltd300331.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Taiyuan Chemical Industry Co L600281.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Tongding Interconnection Infor002491.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Transfar Zhilian Co Ltd002010.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Winall Hi-tech Seed Co Ltd300087.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Xiamen Kingdomway Group Co002626.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Xiamen Unigroup Xue Co Ltd000526.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Xiandai Investment Co Ltd000900.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Xinjiang Qingsong Building Mat600425.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Yang Quan Coal Industry Group600348.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Yibin Paper Industry Co Ltd600793.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Crystal Optech Co Ltd002273.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Orient Holdings Co Lt600120.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Zheneng Electric Powe600023.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
ZHESHANG Development Group Co000906.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Zhongyuan Special Steel Co Ltd002423.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
ADTRAN IncADTN10-AprAfter Market Close0.12
Avcorp Industries IncAVP.TO10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Bank Negara Indonesia (PerseroBBNI.JK10-AprTime Not Supplied167.49
Bank of South CarolinaBKSC10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Bank of The Ozarks IncOZRK10-AprBefore Market Open0.72
Beibu Gulf Tourism Corp Ltd603869.SS10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
BTG Hotels Group Co Ltd600258.SS10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Caldwell Partners InternationaCWL.TO10-AprAfter Market CloseN/A
Carr's Group PLCCARR.L10-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
CEC CoreCast Corp Ltd600764.SS10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Century Bancorp IncCNBKA10-AprAfter Market CloseN/A
Changzhou Shenli Electrical Ma603819.SS10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Finance Online Co LtdJRJC10-AprAfter Market CloseN/A
CSX CorpCSX10-AprAfter Market Close0.42
DAVIDsTEA IncDTEA10-AprAfter Market Close0.36
Deltex Medical Group PLCDEMG.L10-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
EKF Diagnostics Holdings PLCEKF.L10-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
Fidelity National Financial InFNF10-AprAfter Market Close0.36
FirsTime Design LtdFTDL10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corp1326.TW10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Formosa Plastics Corp1301.TW10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Forward Pharma A/SFWP10-AprTime Not Supplied-0.31
Fujian Green Pine Co Ltd300132.SZ10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Healthcare Services Group IncHCSG10-AprAfter Market Close0.29
Highbridge Multi-Strategy FundHMSF.L10-AprAfter Market CloseN/A
Hingham Institution For SavingHIFS10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hygea VCT PLCHYG.L10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Kunming Chuan Jin Nuo Chemical300505.SZ10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Layne Christensen CoLAYN10-AprAfter Market Close-0.12
Lidco Group PLCLID.L10-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
M1 LtdB2F.SI10-AprAfter Market Close0.04
Platinum Group Metals LtdPTM.TO10-AprAfter Market Close-0.05
Prada SpA1913.HK10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Safestay PLCSSTY.L10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Schmitt Industries IncSMIT10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
SCS Group PLCSCS.L10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
SemiLEDs CorpLEDS10-AprAfter Market CloseN/A
Shenzhen Anche Technologies Co300572.SZ10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Emperor Technology Co300546.SZ10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Mingdiao Decoration C002830.SZ10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Tongyi Industry Co Lt300538.SZ10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
SI-TECH Information Technology300608.SZ10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Singapore Press Holdings LtdT39.SI10-AprAfter Market Close0.04
Skshu Paint Co Ltd603737.SS10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
SPH REITSK6U.SI10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Staffing 360 Solutions IncSTAF10-AprAfter Market Close-0.3
Strategic Environmental & EnerSENR10-AprAfter Market CloseN/A
Taylor Devices IncTAYD10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tianjin Benefo Tejing Electric600468.SS10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
TyraTech IncTYR.L10-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
Victory Energy CorpVYEY10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Xiangtan Electrochemical Scien002125.SZ10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Xinjiang Guannong Fruit & Antl600251.SS10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
YOUZU Interactive Co Ltd002174.SZ10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Golden Eagle Co Ltd600232.SS10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhongchang Big Data Co Ltd600242.SS10-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ahlers AGAAH.F11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Art's Way Manufacturing Co IncARTW11-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
ARTS Group Co Ltd603017.SS11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Brave Bison Group PLCBBSN.L11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
CapitaLand Retail China TrustAU8U.SI11-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
China Animal Husbandry Industr600195.SS11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Chongyi Zhangyuan Tungsten Co002378.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Cogeco Communications IncCCA.TO11-AprAfter Market Close1.42
Dominion Diamond CorpDDC.TO11-AprAfter Market Close0.08
Eastern Pioneer Driving School603377.SS11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Fujian Cement Inc600802.SS11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Fujian Qingshan Paper Industry600103.SS11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Gansu Ronghua Industry Group C600311.SS11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
GD Power Development Co Ltd600795.SS11-AprTime Not Supplied0.05
Giti Tire Corp600182.SS11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Great Wall of Culture Group Ho300089.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangzhou Tinci Materials Tech002709.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hailun Piano Co Ltd300329.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Henan Shenhuo Coal & Power Co000933.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Honyu Wear-Resistant New Mater300345.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Industrial Securities Co Ltd601377.SS11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
International Road Dynamics InIRD.TO11-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
JD Sports Fashion PLCJD.L11-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
Jewett-Cameron Trading CompanyJCTCF11-AprAfter Market CloseN/A
Jiangshan Oupai Door Industry603208.SS11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu Feiliks International300240.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu Hoperun Software Co Lt300339.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Co L600486.SS11-AprTime Not Supplied0.63
Jiangxi Lianchuang Opto-electr600363.SS11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangxi Zhengbang Technology C002157.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Logansport Financial CorpLOGN11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Loncin Motor Co Ltd603766.SS11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Longjian Road & Bridge Co Ltd600853.SS11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Luby's IncLUB11-AprAfter Market CloseN/A
Madison Pacific Properties IncMPC.TO11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Mi-Pay Group PLCMPAY.L11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Nanfang Zhongjin Environment C300145.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Nanjing Port Co Ltd002040.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Navtech Inc300456.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ningbo David Medical Device Co300314.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ningxia Younglight Chemicals C000635.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Northeast Pharmaceutical Group000597.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Rastar Group300043.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Scimee Sci &Tech Co Ltd300425.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
SEC Electric Machinery Co Ltd603988.SS11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shandong Polymer Biochemicals002476.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Xintonglian Packaging603022.SS11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shantou Dongfeng Printing Co L601515.SS11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanxi Tond Chemical Co Ltd002360.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenyang Commercial City Co Lt600306.SS11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Capstone Industrial C000038.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen CAU Technology Co Ltd000004.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Guangju Energy Co Ltd000096.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen InfoGem Technologies300085.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Inovance Technology C300124.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen MTC Co Ltd002429.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen SDG Information Co Lt000070.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Woer Heat-Shrinkable002130.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Surna IncSRNA11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
VSB Bancorp IncVSBN11-AprAfter Market CloseN/A
Wanhua Chemical Group Co Ltd600309.SS11-AprTime Not Supplied0.23
Well Lead Medical Co Ltd603309.SS11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Winmark CorpWINA11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Wuhan Guide Infrared Co Ltd002414.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Wuxi Double Elephant Micro Fib002395.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Xiamen C&D Inc600153.SS11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Xinjiang Beixin Road & Bridge002307.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Reclaim Construction002586.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Wanliyang Co Ltd002434.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Yankon Group Co Ltd600261.SS11-AprTime Not Supplied0.08
Zhejiang Yongtai Technology Co002326.SZ11-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Alfa SAB de CVALFAA.MX12-AprAfter Market Close0.5
Alpek SAB de CVALPEKA.MX12-AprAfter Market Close0.28
Anhui Wanwei Updated High-tech600063.SS12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Apogee Enterprises IncAPOG12-AprAfter Market Close0.72
Appulse CorpAPL.V12-AprAfter Market CloseN/A
Argan IncAGX12-AprBefore Market Open0.79
Banco Latinoamericano de ComerBLX12-AprBefore Market Open0.68
Beijing Originwater Technology300070.SZ12-AprTime Not Supplied0.01
BlackRock IncBLK12-AprBefore Market Open4.89
Boomsense Technology Co Ltd300312.SZ12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Broadex Technologies Co Ltd300548.SZ12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Bus Online Co Ltd002188.SZ12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
CCA Industries IncCAW12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ceapro IncCZO.V12-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
CGN Nuclear Technology Develop000881.SZ12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Changchun UP Optotech Co Ltd002338.SZ12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Chenzhou City Jingui Silver In002716.SZ12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Cherokee IncCHKE12-AprAfter Market Close0.07
Chinanet Online Holdings IncCNET12-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
Cordy Oilfield Services IncCKK.V12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Cryo-Cell International IncCCEL12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Customers Bancorp IncCUBI12-AprBefore Market Open0.61
Delta Air Lines IncDAL12-AprBefore Market Open0.77
Destiny Media Technologies IncDSY.V12-AprAfter Market Close0
Fastenal CoFAST12-Apr07:00 am ET0.46
First Republic BankFRC12-AprBefore Market Open1.01
First South Bancorp IncFSBK12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
FitLife Brands IncFTLF12-AprAfter Market CloseN/A
ForeverGreen Worldwide CorpFVRG12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
FRMO CorpFRMO12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Goldcard High-Tech Co Ltd300349.SZ12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Greenwood Hall IncELRN12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hangzhou Zhongya Machinery Co300512.SZ12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Henan Province Xixia Automobil002536.SZ12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
HeNan Splendor Science & Techn002296.SZ12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Henan Yuguang Gold&lead Co Ltd600531.SS12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hubei Dinglong Co Ltd300054.SZ12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hubei Kailong Chemical Group C002783.SZ12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hubei Xinyangfeng Fertilizer C000902.SZ12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ikkuma Resources CorpIKM.V12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Infore Environment Technology000967.SZ12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Inly Media Co Ltd603598.SS12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Inner Mongolia Junzheng Energy601216.SS12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium Co Ltd002460.SZ12-AprTime Not Supplied0.27
LARGAN Precision Co Ltd3008.TW12-AprTime Not Supplied46.58
Mesaieed Petrochemical HoldingMPHC.QA12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Micronet Enertec TechnologiesMICT12-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
OptiBiotix Health PLCOPTI.L12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Orosur Mining IncOMI.TO12-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
PacWest BancorpPACW12-AprBefore Market Open0.72
Pier 1 Imports IncPIR12-AprAfter Market Close0.33
Qatar Insurance Co SAQQATI.QA12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shandong Linglong Tyre Co Ltd601966.SS12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Bairun Investment Hol002568.SZ12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Huahong Jitong Smart300330.SZ12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Lingang Holdings Co L600848.SS12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Morn Electric Equipme002451.SZ12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai New World Co Ltd600628.SS12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai RAAS Blood Products C002252.SZ12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Sunrise New Energy Co002256.SZ12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Urovo Technology Co L300531.SZ12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sichuan Zhongguang Lightning P300414.SZ12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sinomach Automobile Co Ltd600335.SS12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Skyline CorpSKY12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Suzhou Hycan Holdings Co Ltd002787.SZ12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tesco PLCTSCO.L12-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
theScore IncSCR.V12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tian Jin Global Magnetic Card600800.SS12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tianjin TEDA Co Ltd000652.SZ12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tonghua Dongbao Pharmaceutical600867.SS12-AprTime Not Supplied0.1
Traverse Energy LtdTVL.V12-AprAfter Market CloseN/A
United Security BancsharesUBFO12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
WH Smith PLCSMWH.L12-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Contr300161.SZ12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Wuhan Tianyu Information Indus300205.SZ12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Xiamen Anne Co Ltd002235.SZ12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Xilinmen Furniture Co Ltd603008.SS12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Xinjiang Talimu Agriculture De600359.SS12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Yangmei Chemical Co Ltd600691.SS12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Goldensea Environment603311.SS12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Medicine Co Ltd600216.SS12-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Access National CorpANCX13-AprAfter Market Close0.39
Ames National CorpATLO13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Anhui Korrun Co Ltd300577.SZ13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Armanino Foods Of DistinctionAMNF13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ascott Residence TrustA68U.SI13-AprTime Not Supplied0.02
Avocet Mining PLCAVM.L13-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
Beijing Global Safety Technolo300523.SZ13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Biomerica IncBMRA13-AprAfter Market CloseN/A
CapitaLand Commercial TrustC61U.SI13-AprBefore Market Open0.02
Capitaland Mall TrustC38U.SI13-AprBefore Market Open0.03
CCR SACCRO3.SA13-AprAfter Market Close0.17
Changchai Co Ltd000570.SZ13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Chemical Financial CorpCHFC13-AprAfter Market Close0.7
Chengdu Shenleng Liquefaction300540.SZ13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Hainan Rubber Industry G601118.SS13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Zenix Auto InternationalZX13-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
Cimic Group LtdCIM.AX13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Citigroup IncC13-AprBefore Market Open1.27
Commerce Bancshares IncCBSH13-Apr07:00 am ET0.65
Community BancorpCMTV13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
ENB Financial CorpENBP13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Eqs Group AGEQS.DE13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Escalade IncESCA13-AprBefore Market Open0.07
First Choice Healthcare SolutiFCHS13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
First Horizon National CorpFHN13-AprBefore Market Open0.23
Foran Mining CorpFOM.V13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Fujian Dongbai Group Co Ltd600693.SS13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Fujian Nanping Sun Cable Co Lt002300.SZ13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangdong Ellington Electronic603328.SS13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hengxin Mobile Business Co Ltd300081.SZ13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hidili Industry International1393.HK13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
HMT Xiamen New Technical Mater603306.SS13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hummingbird Resources PLCHUM.L13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
ICG Enterprise Trust PLCICGT.L13-AprBefore Market OpenN/A
Intellipharmaceutics InternatiI.TO13-AprTime Not Supplied-0.08
JiShi Media Co Ltd601929.SS13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
JPMorgan Chase & CoJPM13-AprBefore Market Open1.53
Leaguer Stock Co Ltd000532.SZ13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
MGT Capital Investments IncMGTI13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Nemak SAB De CVNEMAKA.MX13-AprBefore Market Open0.47
Neway Valve Suzhou Co Ltd603699.SS13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
PNC Financial Services Group IPNC13-AprBefore Market Open1.83
Qatar Islamic Bank SAQQIBK.QA13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Regions Financial CorpRF13-AprBefore Market Open0.23
Sanan Optoelectronics Co Ltd600703.SS13-AprTime Not Supplied0.2
SDIC Zhonglu Fruit Juice Co Lt600962.SS13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shaanxi Fenghuo Electronics Co000561.SZ13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sinopec Oilfield Equipment Cor000852.SZ13-AprTime Not Supplied-0.73
Sodexo SASW.PA13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Suzhou Tianma Specialty Chemic002453.SZ13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufactu2330.TW13-AprTime Not Supplied3.43
Washington Federal IncWAFD13-AprTime Not Supplied0.45
Wells Fargo & CoWFC13-Apr08:00 am ET0.96
xG Technology IncXGTI13-AprAfter Market Close-0.86
Xinjiang Tianshun Supply Chain002800.SZ13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Yantai Moon Co Ltd000811.SZ13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
YTO Express Group Co Ltd600233.SS13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Yunnan Tourism Co Ltd002059.SZ13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zardoya Otis SAZOT.MC13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhangzhou Pientzehuang Pharmac600436.SS13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhaoqing Hua Feng Electronic A002806.SZ13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhongyeda Electric Co Ltd002441.SZ13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhuhai Port Co Ltd000507.SZ13-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
A-Zenith Furniture Co Ltd603389.SS14-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Creative Distribution002350.SZ14-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Central Plains Environment Pro000544.SZ14-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Minmetals Rare Earth Co000831.SZ14-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Chongqing Brewery Co Ltd600132.SS14-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Guangdong Jiaying Pharmaceutic002198.SZ14-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Tec002415.SZ14-AprTime Not Supplied0.26
Hebei Huijin Electromechanical300368.SZ14-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Huangshan Tourism Development600054.SS14-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Huapont Life Sciences Co Ltd002004.SZ14-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hunan Zhenghong Science and Te000702.SZ14-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jiang Su Wujin Stainless Steel603878.SS14-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jinzi Ham Co Ltd002515.SZ14-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jolywood Suzhou Sunwatt Co Ltd300393.SZ14-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Kangde Xin Composite Material002450.SZ14-AprTime Not Supplied0.18
ShenZhen V&T Technologies Co L300484.SZ14-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sino-Platinum Metals Co Ltd600459.SS14-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Xiamen ITG Group Corp Ltd600755.SS14-AprTime Not SuppliedN/A
Anhui Jiuhuashan Tourism Devel603199.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Anhui Liuguo Chemical Co Ltd600470.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Anhui Xinhua Media Co Ltd601801.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Anhui Xinke New Materials Co L600255.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Anyuan Coal Industry Group Co600397.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Bank of Guiyang Co Ltd601997.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Baoding Technology Co Ltd002552.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Beijing Centergate Technologie000931.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Beiqi Foton Motor Co Ltd600166.SS Time Not Supplied-0.01
Chalkis Health Industry Co Ltd000972.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Changsha Tongcheng Holdings Co000419.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Chengdu Eoptolink Technology I300502.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
China Haisum Engineering Co Lt002116.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
China Northern Rare Earth Grou600111.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Chongqing Chuanyi Automation C603100.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Chongqing Taiji Industry Group600129.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Dalian Zhiyun Automation Co Lt300097.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Dongguan Winnerway Industrial000573.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Everyday Network Co Ltd300295.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Fujian Expressway Development600033.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Fujian Zhangzhou Development C000753.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Grand Industrial Holding Co Lt000626.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Guangdong Goworld Co Ltd000823.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Guangxi Radio and Television I600936.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Gui Zhou Tyre Co Ltd000589.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Haining China Leather Market C002344.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Hang Xiao Steel Structure Co L600477.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Hangzhou CNCR-IT Co Ltd300250.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Haoyun Technologies Co Ltd300448.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Hongbo Co Ltd002229.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Huawen Media Investment Corp000793.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Hubei Century Network Technolo300494.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Inner Mongolia Lantai Industri600328.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu Alcha Aluminium Co Ltd002160.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Jiangsu Changhai Composite Mat300196.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Joyoung Co Ltd002242.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Kweichow Moutai Co Ltd600519.SS Time Not Supplied3.4
Lawton Development Co Ltd600209.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Lifan Industry Group Co Ltd601777.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Lionco Pharmaceutical Group Co603669.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Masterwork Machinery Co Ltd300195.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Miracle Automation Engineering002009.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Nanjing Inform Storage Equipme603066.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Nanning Baling Technology Co L002592.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Ningbo Joyson Electronic Corp600699.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Ningbo Ligong Environment and002322.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Qinhuangdao Tianye Tolian Heav002459.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shandong Rike Chemical Co Ltd300214.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Fudan Forward S&T Co600624.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Hongda Mining Co Ltd600532.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Tongji Science&Techno600846.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co600820.SS Time Not Supplied0.21
Shanghai Yanhua Smartech Group002178.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shenyang Yuanda Intellectual I002689.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Das Intellitech Co Lt002421.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Jinjia Group Co Ltd002191.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Shenzhen Sunline Tech Co Ltd300348.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Sichuan Road & Bridge Group Co600039.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Spearhead Integrated Marketing300071.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Sundy Land Investment Co Ltd600077.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Tianjin Realty Development Gro600322.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Tongwei Co Ltd600438.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Vtron Group Co Ltd002308.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Xiamen Faratronic Co Ltd600563.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Xiamen Xindeco Ltd000701.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Yango Group Co Ltd000671.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Canaan Technology Co300412.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Dilong Culture Develo002247.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Jinggong Science & Te002006.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Weiming Environment P603568.SS Time Not SuppliedN/A
Zhejiang Yinlun Machinery Co L002126.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Zhong Fu Tong Co Ltd300560.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Zhuhai Hokai Medical Instrumen300273.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A
Zhuhai Zhongfu Enterprise Co L000659.SZ Time Not SuppliedN/A