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Earnings Calendar
Your investment risk soars during earnings season. Fortunately your profits can soar higher too ... IF you know how to use this Earnings Calendar. There are several important factors to consider when YOUR stocks approach their earnings report release date.

Learn How to Increase YOUR earnings with this Earnings Calendar.

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This Earnings Calendar contains data for current and upcoming Earnings Reports.

Earnings report release dates, times, and estimates do change - especially those beyond the current week. As the earnings report date approaches, we advise that the date be confirmed by going to the company web site. Updated weekly, this earnings calendar was last revised on 11/12/16 10:19 AM CT.

1347 Property Insurance HoldinPIH14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Aap Implantate AGAAQ.DE14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Abtech Holdings IncABHD14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Acorn Energy IncACFN14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Acura Pharmaceuticals IncACUR14-NovAfter Market Close-0.27
Adcare Health Systems IncADK14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Adecoagro SAAGRO14-NovAfter Market Close0.1
Adler Real Estate AGADL.DE14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Advance Auto Parts IncAAP14-NovAfter Market Close1.72
AECOMACM14-NovBefore Market Open0.71
Africa Oil CorpAOI.TO14-NovAfter Market Close-0.01
Akers Biosciences IncAKER14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Alarm.Com Holdings IncALRM14-NovAfter Market Close0.11
Aldeyra Therapeutics IncALDX14-NovBefore Market Open-0.39
Amaya IncAYA.TO14-NovBefore Market Open0.38
American Bio Medica CorpABMC14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
American Electric TechnologiesAETI14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Amplify Snack Brands IncBETR14-NovTime Not Supplied0.14
Appalachian Mountain Brewery IHOPS14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Aptose Biosciences IncAPS.TO14-NovAfter Market Close-0.32
Argos Therapeutics IncARGS14-NovBefore Market Open-0.35
Arno Therapeutics IncARNI14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Astea International IncATEA14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Aston Hill Financial IncAHF.TO14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Asure Software IncASUR14-NovBefore Market Open0.07
Athabasca Minerals IncABM.V14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Atlantica Yield PLCABY14-NovBefore Market Open0.49
Atossa Genetics IncATOS14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Autohome IncATHM14-NovBefore Market Open0.38
Aviat Networks IncAVNW14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Avigilon CorpAVO.TO14-NovAfter Market Close0.07
B. Riley Financial IncRILY14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Bangkok Dusit Medical ServicesBDMS.BK14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Bank Hapoalim BMPOLI.TA14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Bauer AGB5A.DE14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
BIO-Key International IncBKYI14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Blonder Tongue Laboratories InBDR14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Boyuan Construction Group IncBOY.TO14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
BR Malls Participacoes SABRML3.SA14-NovTime Not Supplied0.09
Bukit Sembawang Estates LtdB61.SI14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Bumitama Agri LtdP8Z.SI14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Caledonia Mining Corporation PCAL.TO14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Capstone Companies IncCAPC14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Carr's Group PLCCARR.L14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Catasys IncCATS14-NovTime Not Supplied-0.02
Cellectis SAALCLS.PA14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Centrotec Sustainable AGCEV.DE14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ceragon Networks LtdCRNT14-NovBefore Market Open0.04
Cesca Therapeutics IncKOOL14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
China Airlines Ltd2610.TW14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Auto Logistics IncCALI14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
China Green Agriculture IncCGA14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
China Lodging Group LtdHTHT14-NovAfter Market Close0.55
China Petrochemical Developmen1314.TW14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Chinanet Online Holdings IncCNET14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Cinedigm CorpCIDM14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Clean Diesel Technologies IncCDTI14-NovBefore Market Open-0.15
ClearSign Combustion CorpCLIR14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Command Center IncCCNI14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Communications Sales & LeasingCSAL14-NovBefore Market Open0.62
Companhia Siderurgica NacionalCSNA3.SA14-NovBefore Market Open-0.03
Comstock Holding Companies IncCHCI14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Conrad Industries IncCNRD14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Contango ORE IncCTGO14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
COPsync IncCOYN14-NovBefore Market Open-0.29
Cord Blood America IncCBAI14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
CryoPort IncCYRX14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
CTBC Financial Holding Co Ltd2891.TW14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
CVD Equipment CorpCVV14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals IncCYCC14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
DCC PLCDCC.L14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Delticom AGDEX.DE14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Deutsche Euroshop AGDEQ.DE14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AGPBB.DE14-NovTime Not Supplied0.29
Directcash Payments IncDCI.TO14-NovAfter Market Close-0.05
Diversified Royalty CorpDIV.TO14-NovAfter Market Close0.04
DXP Enterprises IncDXPE14-Nov4:00 pm ET0.03
Dynagas LNG Partners LPDLNG14-NovAfter Market Close0.47
Dynasty Metals & Mining IncDMM.TO14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Dynatronics CorpDYNT14-NovBefore Market Open-0.03
Echo Therapeutics IncECTE14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Eco-Stim Energy Solutions IncESES14-NovBefore Market Open-0.28
Electronic Cigarettes InternatECIG14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Element Financial CorpEFN.TO14-NovAfter Market Close0.19
Eleven Biotherapeutics IncEBIO14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Emisphere Technologies IncEMIS14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Empire Resources IncERS14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Energy Focus IncEFOI14-NovBefore Market Open-0.25
Enerplus CorpERF.TO14-NovBefore Market Open-0.02
Erin Energy CorpERN14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Esco Technologies IncESE14-NovAfter Market Close0.64
Eurasian Minerals IncEMX.V14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Ever-Glory International GroupEVK14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Everspin Technologies IncMRAM14-NovAfter Market Close-0.41
Famous Dave's of America IncDAVE14-Nov4:00 pm ET0.1
Far Eastern Department Stores2903.TW14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ferroglobe PLCGSM14-NovTime Not Supplied-0.01
Fifth Street Asset ManagementFSAM14-NovAfter Market Close0.15
FlexShopper IncFPAYD14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Foran Mining CorpFOM.V14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Fortress Paper LtdFTP.TO14-NovAfter Market Close-0.13
Fortune Real Estate InvestmentF25U.SI14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Fusion Telecommunications InteFSNN14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Galaxy Gaming IncGLXZ14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Gener8 Maritime IncGNRT14-NovAfter Market Close0.02
Geodrill LtdGEO.TO14-NovBefore Market Open-0.01
GeoPark LtdGPRK14-NovAfter Market Close-0.03
Gesco AGGSC1.DE14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Gevo IncGEVO14-NovTime Not Supplied-0.09
Gladstone Land CorpLAND14-NovAfter Market Close0
GLG Life Tech CorpGLG.TO14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Global Self Storage IncSELF14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Global Water Resources IncGWRS14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Globant SAGLOB14-NovAfter Market Close0.3
Golden Agri-Resources LtdE5H.SI14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
GoldMoney IncXAU.TO14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Gran Colombia Gold CorpGCM.TO14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Great Basin Scientific IncGBSN14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
GSE Systems IncGVP14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Gulf Resources IncGURE14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Hapag Lloyd AGHLAG.DE14-NovTime Not Supplied0.61
Hill International IncHIL14-NovAfter Market Close0.09
Ho Bee Land LtdH13.SI14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Hollysys Automation TechnologiHOLI14-NovAfter Market Close0.47
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co2317.TW14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
HTG Molecular Diagnostics IncHTGM14-NovAfter Market Close-0.85
Imageware Systems IncIWSY14-NovBefore Market Open-0.03
Imprimis Pharmaceuticals IncIMMY14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Indra Sistemas SAIDR.MC14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Inmobiliaria Colonial SACOL.MC14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Innovative Food Holdings IncIVFH14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Intellinetics IncINLX14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
InterOil CorpIOC14-NovBefore Market Open-0.37
Intersections IncINTX14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Intertain Group LtdIT.TO14-NovAfter Market Close0.28
IntriCon CorpIIN14-NovAfter Market Close-0.1
Intrusion IncINTZ14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Inventec Corp2356.TW14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Israel Discount Bank LtdDSCT.TA14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ithaca Energy IncIAE.L14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
IZEA IncIZEA14-NovAfter Market Close-0.35
JBS SAJBSS3.SA14-Nov5:00 pm ET0.28
Key Energy Services IncKEGXQ14-NovAfter Market Close-0.4
Kingold Jewelry IncKGJI14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Lattice IncLTTC14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
LightPath Technologies IncLPTH14-NovAfter Market Close0.02
Lime Energy CoLIME14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
LM Funding America IncLMFA14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Lonmin PLCLMI.L14-Nov02:30 am ETN/A
LPKF Laser & Electronics AGLPK.DE14-Nov02:00 am ETN/A
Mabvax Therapeutics Holdings IMBVX14-NovAfter Market Close-0.84
MAM Software Group IncMAMS14-NovAfter Market Close0.03
Marathon Patent Group IncMARA14-NovAfter Market Close-0.25
Marrone Bio Innovations IncMBII14-NovAfter Market Close-0.22
Max Automation AGMXH.DE14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Medion AGMDN.DE14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Mediwound LtdMDWD14-Nov07:00 am ET-0.26
Medley Management IncMDLY14-NovAfter Market Close0.16
Melisron LtdMLSR.TA14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
MFC Bancorp LtdMFCB14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Mikros Systems CorpMKRS14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Mizrahi Tefahot Bank LtdMZTF.TA14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
MoneyOnMobile IncMOMT14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
National Waste Management HoldNWMH14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Navios Maritime Partners LPNMM14-NovTime Not Supplied0.01
Neovasc IncNVC.TO14-NovAfter Market Close-0.08
Netlist IncNLST14-NovAfter Market Close-0.09
NetSol Technologies IncNTWK14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Noah Holdings LtdNOAH14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Nordic American Offshore LtdNAO14-NovBefore Market Open-0.34
NORDWEST Handel AGNWX.DE14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Northern Blizzard Resources InNBZ.TO14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Nova LifeStyle IncNVFY14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
NXT-ID IncNXTD14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Obrascon Huarte Lain SAOHL.MC14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
OHA Investment CorpOHAI14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Olam International LimitedO32.SI14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
One Group Hospitality IncSTKS14-NovAfter Market Close0.01
Pacific Coast Oil TrustROYT14-NovAfter Market Close0
Pan American Silver CorpPAA14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
PAR Technology CorpPAR14-Nov07:30 am ETN/A
Pareteum CorpTEUM14-Nov4:15 pm ET-0.01
ParkerVision IncPRKR14-NovAfter Market Close-0.45
Patriot National IncPN14-NovBefore Market Open0.27
Payment Data Systems IncPYDS14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Peabody Energy CorpBTUUQ14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Pen IncPENC14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A IncPER.TO14-NovTime Not Supplied0.03
Pioneer Power Solutions IncPPSI14-NovAfter Market Close0.16
Pou Chen Corp9904.TW14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Premier Gold Mines LtdPG.TO14-NovBefore Market Open-0.01
Pure Gold Mining IncPGM.V14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Pyxis Tankers IncPXS14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Quadrant 4 System CorpQFOR14-NovBefore Market Open0
Quest Resource Holding CorpQRHC14-NovBefore Market Open-0.12
Rennova Health IncRNVA14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Research Solutions IncRSSS14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ritek Corp2349.TW14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
RLJ Entertainment IncRLJE14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Roxgold IncROG.V14-NovBefore Market Open0
Salvatore Ferragamo SpASFER.MI14-NovTime Not Supplied0.19
Sansiri PCLSIRI.BK14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Scorpio Tankers IncSTNG14-NovBefore Market Open-0.1
Security National Financial CoSNFCA14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Servotronics IncSVT14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Sigma Labs IncSGLB14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Sinarmas Land LtdA26.SI14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Singing Machine Co IncSMDM14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Singulus Technologies AGSNG.DE14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Sito Mobile LtdSITO14-NovTime Not Supplied0.02
Smart & Final Stores IncSFS14-NovAfter Market Close0.16
SMT Scharf AGS4A.DE14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Social Reality IncSRAX14-NovTime Not Supplied-0.24
SolarWorld AGSWVK.DE14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sonova Holding AGSOON.VX14-Nov01:00 am ETN/A
Sorl Auto Parts IncSORL14-NovBefore Market Open0.16
Span-America Medical Systems ISPAN14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Spanish Broadcasting System InSBSA14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
SPAR Group IncSGRP14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Sphere 3D CorpANY14-NovAfter Market Close-0.18
Spine Injury Solutions IncSPIN14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
St Augustine Gold and Copper LSAU.TO14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Strategic Oil and Gas LtdSOG.V14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Super Group LtdS10.SI14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Superior Drilling Products IncSDPI14-NovAfter Market Close-0.05
Surna IncSRNA14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Symbility Solutions IncSY.V14-NovBefore Market Open0
Synacor IncSYNC14-NovAfter Market Close-0.19
Synthesis Energy Systems IncSYMX14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Sysorex GlobalSYRX14-NovAfter Market Close-0.11
Taiwan Cement Corp1101.TW14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Taiwan Fertilizer Co Ltd1722.TW14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Talon Metals CorpTLO.TO14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Tat Hong Holdings LtdT03.SI14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
TechPrecision CorpTPCS14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
TECO Electric & Machinery Co L1504.TW14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tele Columbus AGTC1.DE14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Telkonet IncTKOI14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
TransDigm Group IncTDG14-NovBefore Market Open3.2
Traverse Energy LtdTVL.V14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Trevali Mining CorpTV.TO14-NovAfter Market Close0.01
Trio-Tech InternationalTRT14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
TSS IncTSSI14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Verso CorpVRS14-NovBefore Market Open0.75
Viewray IncVRAY14-NovBefore Market Open-0.27
Wilhelmina International IncWHLM14-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Woodward IncWWD14-NovAfter Market Close0.92
Workhorse Group IncWKHS14-NovBefore Market Open-0.17
xG Technology IncXGTI14-NovAfter Market Close-0.48
Xinyuan Real Estate Co LtdXIN14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Yew Bio-Pharm Group IncYEWB14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
YOU On Demand Holdings IncYOD14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Yuma Energy IncYUMA14-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Zoe's Kitchen IncZOES14-NovAfter Market Close0.04
Zoned Properties IncZDPY14-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ability IncABIL15-NovBefore Market Open0.24
Af Gruppen ASAAFG.OL15-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Agilent Technologies IncA15-NovAfter Market Close0.52
Alcobra LtdADHD15-NovBefore Market Open-0.26
American Realty Investors IncARL15-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
AramarkARMK15-NovBefore Market Open0.49
Aurora Diagnostics IncARDX15-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Avante Logixx IncXX.V15-NovAfter Market Close0
Beazer Homes USA IncBZH15-NovBefore Market Open0.67
BFC Financial CorpBFCF15-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Bio Blast Pharma LtdORPN15-NovTime Not Supplied-0.22
Brainstorm Cell Therapuetics IBCLI15-NovBefore Market Open-0.11
BTG PLCBTG.L15-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
China Digital TV Holding Co LtSTV15-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
CLX Communications publ ABCLX.ST15-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Cyren LtdCYRN15-NovBefore Market Open-0.03
Daqo New Energy CorpDQ15-NovBefore Market Open1.18
Deutsche Wohnen AGDWNI.DE15-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
DFDS A/SDFDS.CO15-Nov02:00 am ETN/A
Dick's Sporting Goods IncDKS15-NovBefore Market Open0.42
Diebold IncDBD15-NovBefore Market Open0.29
easyJet plcEZJ15-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Edinburgh Investment Trust PLCEDIN.L15-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
First Choice Healthcare SolutiFCHS15-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Firstgroup PLCFGP.L15-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
ForeverGreen Worldwide CorpFVRG15-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Gilat Satellite Networks LtdGILT15-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Global Equity International InGEQU15-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Harris and Harris Group IncTINY15-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Highlight Communications AGHLG.DE15-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Home Depot IncHD15-NovBefore Market Open1.58
Indus Holding AGINH.DE15-Nov01:30 am ETN/A
InsPro Technologies CorpITCC15-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Integral Technologies IncITKG15-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Interleukin Genetics IncILIU15-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Intermediate Capital Group PLCICP.L15-Nov02:00 am ETN/A
Ituran Location and Control LtITRN15-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
JD.Com IncJD15-NovBefore Market Open-0.06
Jupai Holdings LtdJP15-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Kulicke and Soffa Industries IKLIC15-NovBefore Market Open0.11
Land Securities Group PLCLAND.L15-Nov02:00 am ETN/A
MACOM Technology Solutions HolMTSI15-NovAfter Market Close0.56
Manz AGM5Z.DE15-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Medy-Tox Inc086900.KQ15-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Merck KGaAMRK.DE15-Nov01:00 am ETN/A
Merlin Properties SOCIMI SAMRL.MC15-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Mettrum Health CorpMT.V15-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
MGT Capital Investments IncMGTI15-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Micronet Enertec TechnologiesMICT15-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Midwest Energy Emissions CorpMEEC15-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Mobileye NVMBLY15-NovBefore Market Open0.18
Modsys International LtdMDSY15-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Net Element IncNETE15-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
NexgenRx IncNXG.V15-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
NORDWEST Handel AGNWX.DE15-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Northern Technologies InternatNTIC15-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
NYX Gaming Group LtdNYX.V15-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
ONEnergy IncOEG.V15-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Oxford Instruments PLCOXIG.L15-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Paladin Energy LtdPDN.AX15-NovTime Not Supplied0
Picton Property Income LtdPCTN.L15-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Piraeus Bank SATPEIR.AT15-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Plastec Technologies LtdPLTYF15-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Rada Electronic Industries LtdRADA15-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Retractable Technologies IncRVP15-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sally Beauty Holdings IncSBH15-NovBefore Market Open0.41
Snam SpASRG15-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Solis Tek IncSLTK15-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Spire IncSR15-NovBefore Market Open-0.32
Stratasys LtdSSYS15-NovBefore Market Open0.05
Taishin Financial Holding Co L2887.TW15-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Talanx AGTLX.DE15-Nov01:30 am ET0.84
Talktalk Telecom Group PLCTALK15-Nov02:00 am ETN/A
Teva Pharmaceutical IndustriesTEVA.TA15-Nov07:00 am ETN/A
Thunderbird Resorts Inc4TR.F15-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Titanium Transportation GroupTTR.V15-NovAfter Market Close0
TJX Companies IncTJX15-NovBefore Market Open0.87
Tofutti Brands IncTOFB15-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Top Image Systems LtdTISA15-NovBefore Market Open0.01
Toro Oil & Gas LtdTOO.V15-NovTime Not Supplied0
Tower Semiconductor LtdTSEM.TA15-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
ULURU IncULUR15-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Unique Fabricating IncUFAB15-NovBefore Market Open0.27
United Internet AGUTDI.DE15-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Vodafone Group PLCVOD15-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Wincor Nixdorf AGWIN.DE15-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
XBiotech IncXBIT15-NovBefore Market Open-0.46
Yintech Investment Holdings LtYIN15-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Yirendai LtdYRD15-NovAfter Market Close0.19
Zebra Technologies CorpZBRA15-NovBefore Market Open1.41
ABN AMRO Group NVABN.AS16-Nov01:00 am ETN/A
Aegean Marine Petroleum NetworANW16-NovAfter Market Close0.33
Arianne Phosphate IncDAN.V16-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Bank Leumi Le Israel BMLUMI.TA16-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Baozun IncBZUN16-NovBefore Market Open0.07
Bouygues SAEN.PA16-Nov01:30 am ET0.79
Brady CorpBRC16-NovBefore Market Open0.43
British Land Company PLCBLND.L16-Nov02:00 am ETN/A
BSD Crown LtdBSD16-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Cellcom Israel LtdCEL.TA16-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Cisco Systems IncCSCO16-NovAfter Market Close0.59
Concord Medical Services HoldiCCM16-NovAfter Market Close-0.05
Crown Crafts IncCRWS16-NovBefore Market Open0.16
Ctrip.Com International LtdCTRP16-NovAfter Market Close-0.08
eHi Car Services LtdEHIC16-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Elron Electronic Industries LtELRN.TA16-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Eltek LtdELTK16-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Enzymotec LtdENZY16-NovBefore Market Open0.07
Eurobank Ergasias SAEUROB.AT16-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Fenner PLCFENR.L16-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Fidelity & Guaranty LifeFGL16-NovAfter Market Close0.6
Fidelity China Special SituatiFCSS.L16-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Foamix Pharmaceuticals LtdFOMX16-NovBefore Market Open-0.27
Genius Brands International InGNUSD16-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Geospace Technologies CorpGEOS16-NovAfter Market Close-0.46
Golub Capital BDC IncGBDC16-NovAfter Market Close0.32
Graincorp LtdGNC.AX16-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Grenville Strategic Royalty CoGRC.V16-NovBefore Market Open0
Griffon CorpGFF16-NovAfter Market Close0.25
Haci Omer Sabanci Holding ASSAHOL.IS16-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hamilton Thorne LtdHTL.V16-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Hillenbrand IncHI16-NovAfter Market Close0.57
Indosat Tbk PTISAT.JK16-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Integrated Environmental TechnIEVM16-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
JinkoSolar Holding Co LtdJKS16-NovBefore Market Open0.55
Kamada LtdKMDA.TA16-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
L Brands IncLB16-NovAfter Market Close0.41
Legacy Education Alliance IncLEAI16-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Leju Holdings LtdLEJU16-NovBefore Market Open0.17
Leoni AGLEO.DE16-NovTime Not Supplied-0.48
Loblaw Companies LtdL.TO16-Nov06:30 am ET0.84
Lowe's Companies IncLOW16-NovBefore Market Open0.97
Meritor IncMTOR16-NovBefore Market Open0.28
Metro IncMRU.TO16-NovBefore Market Open0.42
NetApp IncNTAP16-NovAfter Market Close0.54
OHB SEOHB.DE16-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Oxford Lane Capital CorpOXLC16-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Paragon Shipping IncPRGNF16-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Patriot Transportation HoldingPATI16-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Paz Oil Company LtdPZOL.TA16-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Profound Medical CorpPRN.V16-NovAfter Market Close-0.06
Progressive CorpPGR16-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Progressive CorpPGR16-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Salmar ASASALM.OL16-Nov01:00 am ETN/A
Sangoma Technologies CorpSTC.V16-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Schroder Real Estate InvestmenSREI.L16-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Semtech CorpSMTC16-NovAfter Market Close0.36
SINA CorpSINA16-NovAfter Market Close0.35
SouFun Holdings LtdSFUN16-NovBefore Market Open-0.05
SurModics IncSRDX16-NovBefore Market Open0.09
Target CorpTGT16-NovTime Not Supplied0.83
Towerstream CorpTWER16-NovAfter Market Close-1.19
Trubnaya Metallurgicheskaya KoTRMK16-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Vigil Health Solutions IncVGL.V16-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
WGL Holdings IncWGL16-NovAfter Market Close-0.12
Wirecard AGWDI.DE16-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Zhaopin LtdZPIN16-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
11 88 0 Solutions AGTGT.DE17-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
ADO Properties SARLADJ.DE17-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
America's Car-Mart IncCRMT17-NovAfter Market Close0.5
Amtech Systems IncASYS17-NovAfter Market Close-0.08
Applied Materials IncAMAT17-NovAfter Market Close0.65
Awilco Drilling PLCAWDR.OL17-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Berry Plastics Group IncBERY17-NovBefore Market Open0.59
Best Buy Co IncBBY17-NovBefore Market Open0.47
Bon-Ton Stores IncBONT17-NovTime Not Supplied-1.36
Cato CorpCATO17-NovBefore Market Open0.26
Childrens Place IncPLCE17-NovBefore Market Open2.01
China Ceramics Co LtdCCCL17-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
China Cord Blood CorpCO17-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
China Zenix Auto InternationalZX17-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Creative Realities IncCREX17-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Edap Tms SAEDAP17-NovBefore Market Open0
Elbit Systems LtdESLT.TA17-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Elumeo SEELB.DE17-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Faiveley Transport SALEY.PA17-Nov11:45 am ETN/A
FLY Leasing LtdFLY17-NovBefore Market Open0.37
Gap IncGPS17-Nov4:15 pm ET0.54
Great Portland Estates PLCGPOR.L17-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Haynes International IncHAYN17-NovAfter Market Close0.3
Helmerich and Payne IncHP17-NovBefore Market Open-0.42
Hoegh LNG Holdings LtdHLNG.OL17-Nov01:00 am ETN/A
Hoegh LNG Partners LPHMLP17-NovBefore Market Open0.36
Iao Kun Group Holding Co LtdIKGH17-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Internet Gold Golden Lines LtdIGLD17-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Intuit IncINTU17-NovAfter Market Close0.03
Itronics IncITRO17-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
J M Smucker CoSJM17-NovBefore Market Open1.93
JA Solar Holdings Co LtdJASO17-NovBefore Market Open0.06
James Hardie Industries PLCJHX.AX17-NovTime Not Supplied0.16
Johnson Matthey PLCJMAT.L17-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
KBC Groep NVKBC.BR17-Nov01:00 am ETN/A
Key Technology IncKTEC17-NovAfter Market Close0.17
Keysight Technologies IncKEYS17-NovAfter Market Close0.64
KGIC IncLRN.V17-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Liquidity Services IncLQDT17-NovBefore Market Open-0.08
Majestic Wine PLCWINE.L17-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Manchester United PLCMANU17-Nov07:00 am ET-5.6
Marquee Energy LtdMQL.V17-NovTime Not Supplied-0.01
Marvell Technology Group LtdMRVL17-NovAfter Market Close0.12
MATRRIX Energy Technologies InMXX.V17-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Matthews International CorpMATW17-NovAfter Market Close0.97
Mentor Graphics CorpMENT17-NovAfter Market Close0.41
Msg Life AgMSGL.DE17-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Natural Grocers By Vitamin CotNGVC17-NovAfter Market Close0.08
Natuzzi SpANTZ17-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
New Jersey Resources CorpNJR17-NovBefore Market Open0.01
NN Group NVNN.AS17-Nov01:00 am ETN/A
Nuance Communications IncNUAN17-NovAfter Market Close0.39
Nutraceutical International CoNUTR17-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Olav Thon Eiendomsselskap ASAOLT.OL17-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Pan Orient Energy CorpPOE.V17-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Perry Ellis International IncPERY17-NovBefore Market Open0.15
Pointer Telocation LtdPNTR17-NovTime Not Supplied0.11
Post Holdings IncPOST17-NovAfter Market Close0.44
RDM CorpRC.TO17-NovTime Not Supplied0.03
Relentless Resources LtdRRL.V17-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Rogers Sugar IncRSI.TO17-NovTime Not Supplied0.08
Ross Stores IncROST17-NovAfter Market Close0.56
Royal Mail PLCRMG.L17-Nov02:00 am ETN/A IncCRM17-NovAfter Market Close0.21
Shin Kong Financial Holding Co2888.TW17-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sixt SESIX2.DE17-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Sodexo SASW.PA17-Nov01:00 am ETN/A
Spectrum Brands Holdings IncSPB17-NovBefore Market Open1.29
Stage Stores IncSSI17-NovBefore Market Open-0.35
Staples IncSPLS17-NovBefore Market Open0.34
Stein Mart IncSMRT17-NovBefore Market Open-0.15
Tembec IncTMB.TO17-NovBefore Market Open0.04
Tracsis PLCTRCS.L17-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Trans World Entertainment CorpTWMC17-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
USU Software AGOSP2.DE17-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
VTG AGVT9.DE17-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Wal Mart Stores IncWMT17-NovBefore Market Open0.96
Wesco Aircraft Holdings IncWAIR17-NovAfter Market Close0.3
Williams-Sonoma IncWSM17-NovAfter Market Close0.77
Abercrombie & Fitch CoANF18-NovBefore Market Open0.22
ad pepper media InternationalAPM.F18-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Annidis CorpRHA.V18-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Aurora Spine CorpASG.V18-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ausnet Services LtdAST.AX18-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Azrieli Group LtdAZRG.TA18-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Buckle IncBKE18-NovBefore Market Open0.52
Destination XL Group IncDXLG18-NovBefore Market Open-0.06
Diamond Estates Wines & SpiritDWS.V18-NovBefore Market Open0
Electrocomponents PLCECM.L18-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Empresas Copec SACOPEC.SN18-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Foot Locker IncFL18-NovBefore Market Open1.1
Fuller Smith & Turner PLCFSTA.L18-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Gigaset AGGGS.DE18-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Gordmans Stores IncGMAN18-NovBefore Market Open-0.28
Hibbett Sports IncHIBB18-NovBefore Market Open0.74
HRG Group IncHRG18-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Joh Friedrich Behrens AGJFB.F18-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Madison Pacific Properties IncMPC18-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Plato Gold CorpPGC.V18-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Prudential Bancorp IncPBIP18-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Simavita LtdSVA.AX18-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Telehop Communications IncHOP.V18-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Thai Beverage PCLY92.SI18-NovAfter Market Close0.22
UGE International LtdUGE.V18-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Blackpearl Resources IncPXX.TO After Market CloseN/A
ADM Tronics Unlimited IncADMT21-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Atico Mining CorpATY.V21-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Australian Agricultural CompanAAC.AX21-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Beacon Roofing Supply IncBECN21-NovAfter Market Close0.91
Bgeo Group PLCBGEO.L21-Nov02:00 am ETN/A
Biostar Pharmaceuticals IncBSPM21-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Brocade Communications SystemsBRCD21-NovAfter Market Close0.22
Canadian Solar IncCSIQ21-NovBefore Market Open0.24
Cheetah Mobile IncCMCM21-NovBefore Market Open0.02
CNinsure IncCISG21-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Copart IncCPRT21-NovAfter Market Close0.55
Cubic CorpCUB21-NovTime Not Supplied0.17
Diploma PLCDPLM.L21-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Divergent Energy Services CorpDVG.V21-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Dynex Power IncDNX.V21-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Enanta Pharmaceuticals IncENTA21-NovAfter Market Close-0.13
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare CorFPH.NZ21-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Gaming Nation IncFAN.V21-Nov4:05 pm ET0.01
Gladstone Capital CorpGLAD21-NovAfter Market Close0.21
Gridsum Holding IncGSUM21-NovAfter Market Close-0.07
Hellenic Exchanges Athens StocEXAE.AT21-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
International Game TechnologyIGT21-NovBefore Market Open0.44
IWG Technologies IncIWG.V21-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jack In The Box IncJACK21-NovAfter Market Close0.88
JPMorgan European Smaller CompJESC.L21-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jumbo SABELA.AT21-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
KongZhong CorpKZ21-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Mace Security International InMACE21-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
MITIE Group PLCMTO.L21-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Navios Maritime Holdings IncNM21-NovBefore Market Open-0.26
Palo Alto Networks IncPANW21-NovAfter Market Close0.53
PennantPark Investment CorpPNNT21-NovAfter Market Close0.26
Pivot Technology Solutions IncPTG.V21-NovBefore Market Open0.02
ProQR Therapeutics NVPRQR21-NovTime Not Supplied-0.54
Quorum Information TechnologieQIS.V21-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Royal Financial IncRYFL21-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
SinnerSchrader AGSZZ.DE21-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Star Bulk Carriers CorpSBLK21-NovAfter Market Close-0.56
Tarena International IncTEDU21-NovAfter Market Close0.23
Tower Bersama Infrastructure TTBIG.JK21-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Trigano SATRI.PA21-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Trina Solar LtdTSL21-NovTime Not Supplied0.11
Tyson Foods IncTSN21-NovBefore Market Open1.15
Vipshop Holdings LtdVIPS21-NovAfter Market Close0.15
VisionChina Media IncVISN21-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Vogogo IncVGO.V21-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Webco Industries IncWEBC21-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Xcite Energy LtdXEL21-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
YY IncYY21-NovBefore Market Open0.78
Agility Health IncAHI.V22-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
American Woodmark CorpAMWD22-NovBefore Market Open1.19
Analog Devices IncADI22-Nov08:00 am ET0.89
AO World PLCAO.L22-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Assura PLCAGR22-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Babcock International Group PLBAB.L22-Nov02:00 am ETN/A
Barnes & Noble IncBKS22-NovBefore Market Open-0.34
Bezeq Israeli TelecommunicatioBEZQ.TA22-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Burlington Stores IncBURL22-NovBefore Market Open0.33
Caleres IncCAL22-NovAfter Market Close0.81
Campbell Soup CoCPB22-NovBefore Market Open0.95
Celesio AGCLS1.DE22-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
CGX Energy IncOYL.V22-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Chico's FAS IncCHS22-NovBefore Market Open0.13
China Development Financial Ho2883.TW22-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
China New Borun CorpBORN22-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Citi Trends IncCTRN22-NovBefore Market Open0.03
CML Microsystems PlcCML.L22-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Compass Group PLCCPG.L22-Nov02:00 am ETN/A
Cordy Oilfield Services IncCKK.V22-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Cracker Barrel Old Country StoCBRL22-NovBefore Market Open1.84
Daktronics IncDAKT22-NovBefore Market Open0.11
Dollar Tree IncDLTR22-NovBefore Market Open0.78
DSW IncDSW22-NovBefore Market Open0.48
Eaton Vance CorpEV22-NovBefore Market Open0.6
Einhell Germany AGEIN3.DE22-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Engagement Labs IncEL.V22-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Entertainment One LtdETO.L22-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
EVINE Live IncEVLV22-NovBefore Market Open-0.03
Frutarom Industries LtdFRUT.TA22-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
GameStop CorpGME22-NovAfter Market Close0.47
George Weston LtdWN.TO22-Nov06:00 am ET1.41
Golden Ocean Group LtdGOGL22-NovTime Not Supplied-0.29
Gravity Co LtdGRVY22-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Halma PLCHLMA.L22-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Hanwha Q Cells Co LtdHQCL22-NovBefore Market Open0.21
Hewlett Packard Enterprise CoHPE22-NovAfter Market Close0.61
HomeServe PLCHSV.L22-Nov02:00 am ETN/A
Hormel Foods CorpHRL22-NovBefore Market Open0.45
HP IncHPQ22-NovAfter Market Close0.36
Ikkuma Resources CorpIKM.V22-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jacobs Engineering Group IncJEC22-NovBefore Market Open0.77
Kirkland's IncKIRK22-NovBefore Market Open-0.1
Magal Security Systems LtdMAGS22-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
MedMira IncMIR.V22-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Medtronic PLCMDT22-NovBefore Market Open1.11
Mitchells & Butlers PLCMAB.L22-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Movado Group IncMOV22-NovBefore Market Open0.72
Nimble Storage IncNMBL22-NovAfter Market Close-0.18
Nordic Shipholding A/SNORDIC.CO22-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
North Atlantic Drilling LtdNADL22-NovTime Not Supplied-1.18
Opsens IncOPS.V22-NovBefore Market Open-0.01
Patterson Companies IncPDCO22-NovBefore Market Open0.6
PennantPark Floating Rate CapiPFLT22-NovAfter Market Close0.3
Perpetual Income and Growth InPLI.L22-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
QAD IncQADA22-NovAfter Market Close0.08
Qiwi PLCQIWI22-NovBefore Market Open0.27
Qunar Cayman Islands LtdQUNR22-NovAfter Market Close-0.09
Raise Production IncRPC.V22-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Raven Industries IncRAVN22-NovBefore Market Open0.13
Reko International Group IncREK.V22-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Seadrill LtdSDRL22-NovTime Not Supplied0.22
Seadrill Partners LLCSDLP22-NovTime Not Supplied0.67
Ship Finance International LtdSFL22-NovTime Not Supplied0.31
Signet Jewelers LtdSIG22-NovTime Not Supplied0.21
Sky Solar Holdings LtdSKYS22-NovAfter Market Close-0.03
Strauss Group LtdSTRS.TA22-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Syncordia Technologies and HeaSYN.V22-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tech Data CorpTECD22-NovBefore Market Open1.26
Telecom Plus PLCTEP.L22-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
TIO Networks CorpTNC.V22-NovBefore Market Open0.01
TOWER LtdTWR.NZ22-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Urban Outfitters IncURBN22-NovTime Not Supplied0.44
Valspar CorpVAL22-NovBefore Market Open1.5
Veeva Systems IncVEEV22-NovAfter Market Close0.16
Versapay CorpVPY.V22-NovAfter Market Close-0.04
Worldwide Healthcare Trust PLCWWH.L22-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Xcerra CorpXCRA22-NovBefore Market Open0
Acceleware LtdAXE.V23-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Albaraka Turk Katilim BankasiALBRK.IS23-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
AstroNova IncALOT23-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
BioLine RX LtdBLRX.TA23-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Biosyent IncRX.V23-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Canadian Spirit Resources IncSPI.V23-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
China Online Education GroupCOE23-NovBefore Market Open-0.91
China Techfaith Wireless CommuCNTF23-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Deere & CoDE23-NovBefore Market Open0.4
Destiny Media Technologies IncDSY.V23-NovAfter Market Close0
Findel PLCFDL.L23-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Forward Pharma A/SFWP23-NovTime Not Supplied-0.38
Fubon Financial Holding Co Ltd2881.TW23-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Future PLCFUTR.L23-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Gemini CorpGKX.V23-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
GobiMin IncGMN.V23-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Greek Organisation of FootballOPAP.AT23-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Harel Insurance Investments anHARL.TA23-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
ICL Israel Chemicals LtdICL.TA23-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Israel Corporation LtdILCO.TA23-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Karolinska Development ABKDEV.ST23-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Leucrotta Exploration IncLXE.V23-NovTime Not Supplied-0.01
Migdal Insurance and FinancialMGDL.TA23-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Motor Oil Hellas Corinth RefinMOH.AT23-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
National Bank of Greece SAETE.AT23-Nov10:30 am ETN/A
Nesscap Energy IncNCE.V23-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Nostrum Oil & Gas PLCNOG.L23-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Paragon Group of Companies PlcPAG.L23-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Partner Communications CompanyPTNR.TA23-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Petromaroc Corporation PLCPMA.V23-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Programmed Maintenance ServicePRG.AX23-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Pyrogenesis Canada IncPYR.V23-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Siemens LtdSIEMENS.NS23-NovTime Not Supplied6
Sinpas Gayrimenkul Yatirim OrtSNGYO.IS23-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
StealthGas IncGASS23-NovBefore Market Open0.02
Urbana CorpURB.TO23-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Yuanta Financial Holdings Co L2885.TW23-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Antibe Therapeutics IncATE.V24-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Antrim Energy IncAEN.V24-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Baring Emerging Europe PLCBEE.L24-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Bevo Agro IncBVO.V24-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
BW LPG LtdBWLPG.OL24-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Caledonia Investments PLCCLDN.L24-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
CO2 Solutions IncCST.V24-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
CTS Eventim AG & Co KGaAEVD.DE24-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Eisen und Huettenwerke AGEIS.F24-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Empire Industries LtdEIL.V24-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Euromoney Institutional InvestERM.L24-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
European Investment Trust PLCEUT.L24-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Gulf & Pacific Equities CorpGUF.V24-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hemisphere Energy CorpHME.V24-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Imaflex IncIFX.V24-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
IMPACT Silver CorpIPT.V24-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Intouch Insight LtdINX.V24-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Jpmorgan European Investment TJETI.L24-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Madalena Energy IncMVN.V24-NovTime Not Supplied-0.02
Marston's PLCMARS.L24-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Mega Financial Holding Co Ltd2886.TW24-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
METKA Industrial ConstructionMETKK.AT24-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Mothercare PLCMTC.L24-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
PayPoint plcPAY24-NovBefore Market Open0.29
Pets at Home Group PLCPETS.L24-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Remy Cointreau SARCO.PA24-Nov01:30 am ETN/A
Severn Trent PLCSVT.L24-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Systemair ABSYSR.ST24-Nov02:00 am ETN/A
ThyssenKrupp AGTKA.DE24-Nov01:00 am ETN/A
Titan Logix CorpTLA.V24-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
TR Property Investment Trust PTRY.L24-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
UDG Healthcare PLCUDG.L24-Nov02:00 am ETN/A
Valener IncVNR.TO24-NovBefore Market Open-0.09
VIQ Solutions IncVQS.V24-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Airports of Thailand PCLAOT.BK25-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
AllianceBernstein Global HighAWF25-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Appulse CorpAPL.V25-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Asian Television Network InterSAT.V25-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Asknet AGA5A.DE25-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Canadian Equipment Rentals CorCFL.V25-NovTime Not Supplied-0.05
Clarocity CorpCLY25-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Energold Drilling CorpEGD.V25-NovBefore Market Open-0.03
Ergoresearch LtdERG.V25-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
EXO U IncEXO.V25-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Forent Energy LtdFEN.V25-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Galantas Gold CorpGAL.V25-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hathway Cable and Datacom LtdHATHWAY.NS25-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
iLOOKABOUT CorpILA.V25-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Inventronics LtdIVX.V25-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Ironhorse Oil & Gas IncIOG.V25-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Lakeview Hotel Investment CorpLHR.V25-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Medx Health CorpMDX.V25-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Metanor Resources IncMTO.V25-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Mission Ready Services IncMRS.V25-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Mitra Pinasthika Mustika Tbk PMPMX.JK25-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Optibase LtdOBAS25-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Pennon Group PLCPNN.L25-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Petro Welt Technologies AGO2C.DE25-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Questor Technology IncQST.V25-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Renren IncRENN25-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
SDX Energy IncSDX.V25-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tat Technologies LtdTATT25-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Tuniu CorpTOUR25-NovBefore Market Open-0.59
US Oil Sands IncUSO.V25-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
21Vianet Group IncVNET28-NovAfter Market Close-0.14
Aberdeen Asset Management PLCADN.L28-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Actions Semiconductor Co LtdACTS28-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Bastei Luebbe AGBST.DE28-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
BOS Better Online Solutions LtBOSC28-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Diana Containerships IncDCIX28-NovBefore Market Open-0.78
Divestco IncDVT.V28-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
E.Sun Financial Holding Co Ltd2884.TW28-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
EuroSports Global Ltd5G1.SI28-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Ezra Holdings Ltd5DN.SI28-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Feronia IncFRN.V28-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
G Willi-Food International LtdWILC28-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Galane Gold LtdGG.V28-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Golar LNG LtdGLNG28-NovBefore Market Open-0.4
Golar LNG Partners LPGMLP28-NovBefore Market Open0.72
Hennessy Advisors IncHNNA28-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Holcim Indonesia Tbk PTSMCB.JK28-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hua Nan Financial Holdings Co2880.TW28-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
IBC Advanced Alloys CorpIB.V28-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
iKang Healthcare Group IncKANG28-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Keystone Investment Trust PLCKIT.L28-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Korea Fund IncKF28-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Lingo Media CorpLM.V28-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Lonestar West IncLSI.V28-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Manitok Energy IncMEI.V28-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Marksmen Energy IncMAH.V28-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Monmouth Real Estate InvestmenMNR28-NovAfter Market Close0.08
Monument Mining LtdMMY.V28-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Naturex SANRX.PA28-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Northern Vertex Mining CorpNEE.V28-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
NQ Mobile IncNQ28-NovAfter Market Close0.02
NXT Energy Solutions IncSFD.TO28-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Pediapharm IncPDP.V28-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
POET Technologies IncPTK.V28-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Radient Technologies IncRTI.V28-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Rooster Energy LtdCOQ.V28-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Russell Breweries IncRB.V28-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Shoe Carnival IncSCVL28-NovAfter Market Close0.56
Snipp Interactive IncSPN.V28-NovAfter Market Close-0.03
Surya Semesta Internusa Tbk PTSSIA.JK28-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Tefron LtdTFRLF.TA28-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Uniqure NVQURE28-NovTime Not Supplied-0.92
Yangaroo IncYOO.V28-NovTime Not Supplied0.01
3TL Technologies CorpTTM.V29-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Acal PLCACL.L29-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
ALS LtdALQ.AX29-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Apigee CorpAPIC29-NovAfter Market Close-0.24
Ascena Retail Group IncASNA29-NovAfter Market Close0.2
Atkore International Group IncATKR29-NovBefore Market Open0.36
Autodesk IncADSK29-NovAfter Market Close-0.24
Bank of Nova ScotiaBNS.TO29-NovBefore Market Open1.13
Bob Evans Farms IncBOBE29-NovAfter Market Close0.44
Countryside Properties PLCCSP.L29-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Cranswick PLCCWK.L29-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Culp IncCFI29-NovAfter Market Close0.46
DealNet Capital CorpDLS.V29-NovBefore Market Open-0.01
Delek Group LtdDLEKG.TA29-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Diana Shipping IncDSX29-NovBefore Market Open-0.41
Electrovaya IncEFL.TO29-NovAfter Market Close-0.03
Farstad Shipping ASAFAR.OL29-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Fifth Street Finance CorpFSC29-NovAfter Market Close0.18
First Financial Holding Co Ltd2892.TW29-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Frankly IncTLK.V29-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Globus Maritime LtdGLBS29-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Guidewire Software IncGWRE29-NovAfter Market Close-0.05
Hogg Robinson Group PLCHRG.L29-Nov02:00 am ETN/A
Kenon Holdings LtdKEN29-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Kraken Sonar IncPNG.V29-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Mallinckrodt PlcMNK29-NovBefore Market Open1.99
Nomad Foods LtdNOMD29-NovBefore Market Open0.22
Nord Anglia Education IncNORD29-Nov06:00 am ET-0.15
Ooma IncOOMA29-NovAfter Market Close-0.05
Photon Control IncPHO.V29-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Public Power Corporation SAPPC.AT29-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
ReneSola LtdSOL29-NovBefore Market Open-0.17
Shaftesbury PLCSHB.L29-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Splunk IncSPLK29-NovAfter Market Close0.08
SSP Group PLCSSPG.L29-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Tecsys IncTCS29-NovTime Not Supplied0.05
Tiffany & CoTIF29-NovBefore Market Open0.67
Topps Tiles PLCTPT.L29-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Universal Technical InstituteUTI29-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
X T L Biopharmaceuticals LtdXTLB.TA29-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Altigen Communications IncATGN30-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
American Eagle Outfitters IncAEO30-NovBefore Market Open0.41
Aristocrat Leisure LtdALL.AX30-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Aspen Group IncASPU30-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Bazaarvoice IncBV30-NovAfter Market Close0
Box IncBOX30-NovAfter Market Close-0.19
Brewin Dolphin Holdings PLCBRW.L30-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Britvic PLCBVIC.L30-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
China Keli Electric Co LtdZKL.V30-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Chinacache International HoldiCCIH30-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Descartes Systems Group IncDSG.TO30-NovAfter Market Close0.09
Evertz Technologies LtdET.TO30-NovAfter Market CloseN/A
Exco Technologies LtdXTC.TO30-NovAfter Market Close0.24
Folli Follie Commercial ManufaFFGRP.AT30-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Frontline LtdFRO.OL30-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
FRP Holdings IncFRPH30-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
G-III Apparel Group LtdGIII30-NovBefore Market Open1.55
Gazit Globe LtdGZT.TA30-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Isle of Capri Casinos IncISLE30-NovBefore Market Open0.2
Koza Altin Isletmeleri ASKOZAL.IS30-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
La-Z-Boy IncLZB30-NovAfter Market Close0.38
Londonmetric Property PLCLMP.L30-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
MBB SEMBB.F30-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Monks Investment Trust PLCMNKS.L30-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
MTS Systems CorpMTSC30-NovAfter Market Close0.67
New York & Company IncNWY30-NovAfter Market Close-0.03
Pure Storage IncPSTG30-NovAfter Market Close-0.15
PVH CorpPVH30-NovAfter Market Close2.4
Redknee Solutions IncRKN.TO30-NovAfter Market Close-0.03
REX American Resources CorpREX30-NovBefore Market Open1.14
Rosetta Genomics LtdROSG30-NovAfter Market Close-0.17
Royal Bank of CanadaRY30-NovBefore Market Open1.29
RPC Group PLCRPC.L30-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Sage Group PLCSGE.L30-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Sanderson Group PLCSND.L30-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Scailex Corporation LtdSCIX.TA30-NovTime Not SuppliedN/A
Synopsys IncSNPS30-NovAfter Market Close0.77
Tillys IncTLYS30-NovAfter Market Close0.11
Verint Systems IncVRNT30-NovAfter Market Close0.69
Village Super Market IncVLGEA30-NovBefore Market OpenN/A
Yingli Green Energy Holding CoYGE30-NovBefore Market Open-1.39
Ambarella IncAMBA1-DecAfter Market Close0.95
American Software IncAMSWA1-DecAfter Market Close0.08
Canadian Imperial Bank of CommCM.TO1-DecBefore Market Open1.83
Canadian Western BankCWB.TO1-DecBefore Market Open0.45
China Education Resources IncCHN.V1-DecTime Not SuppliedN/A
Christopher & Banks CorpCBK1-DecBefore Market Open0.02
Daily Mail and General Trust PDMGT.L1-Dec02:00 am ETN/A
Dollar General CorpDG1-DecBefore Market Open0.93
Donaldson Company IncDCI1-DecBefore Market Open0.35
Exa CorpEXA1-DecAfter Market Close-0.01
Express IncEXPR1-DecBefore Market Open0.13
Five Below IncFIVE1-DecAfter Market Close0.1
Grainger PLCGRI.L1-Dec02:00 am ETN/A
Greencore Group PLCGNC.L1-DecBefore Market OpenN/A
IDT CorpIDT1-DecAfter Market CloseN/A
Impax Asset Management Group PIPX.L1-DecBefore Market OpenN/A
Kroger CoKR1-DecBefore Market Open0.41
Lands End IncLE1-DecBefore Market Open-0.05
LRAD CorpLRAD1-DecAfter Market CloseN/A
Major Drilling Group InternatiMDI.TO1-DecAfter Market Close-0.06
Michaels Companies IncMIK1-DecBefore Market Open0.43
PWC Capital IncPWC.TO1-DecTime Not SuppliedN/A
SeaChange International IncSEAC1-DecAfter Market Close-0.15
Sears Canada IncSCC1-DecTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sears Holdings CorpSHLD1-DecBefore Market Open-4.06
Titan Machinery IncTITN1-DecBefore Market Open0.05
Toll Brothers IncTOL1-DecBefore Market Open0.99
Toronto-Dominion BankTD.TO1-DecBefore Market Open0.9
Ulta Salon Cosmetics and FragrULTA1-DecAfter Market Close1.37
Versum Materials IncVSM1-DecBefore Market Open0.36
Workday IncWDAY1-DecAfter Market Close-0.04
Zumiez IncZUMZ1-DecAfter Market Close0.36
Berkeley Group Holdings PLCBKG.L2-DecBefore Market OpenN/A
Big Lots IncBIG2-DecBefore Market Open-0.01
Fred's IncFRED2-DecBefore Market Open-0.18
Gendis IncGDS.TO2-DecAfter Market CloseN/A
Genesco IncGCO2-DecBefore Market Open0.9
Hovnanian Enterprises IncHOV2-DecBefore Market Open0.12
Integrated Asset Management CoIAM.TO2-DecBefore Market OpenN/A
National Bank of CanadaNA.TO2-DecBefore Market Open0.9
Central Garden & Pet CoCENT5-DecAfter Market Close0.05
Enzo Biochem IncENZ5-DecAfter Market Close-0.05
GW Pharmaceuticals PLCGWP.L5-Dec4:00 pm ETN/A
H & R Block IncHRB5-DecAfter Market Close-0.67
Healthequity IncHQY5-DecAfter Market Close0.09
Hudson's Bay CoHBC.TO5-DecAfter Market Close-0.13
Johnson Outdoors IncJOUT5-DecBefore Market OpenN/A
Medifocus IncMFS.V5-DecTime Not SuppliedN/A
Polar Capital Technology TrustPCT.L5-DecBefore Market OpenN/A
Scottish Investment Trust PLCSCIN.L5-DecBefore Market OpenN/A
Secureworks CorpSCWX5-DecAfter Market Close-0.08
Technical Communications CorpTCCO5-DecAfter Market CloseN/A
United Natural Foods IncUNFI5-DecAfter Market Close0.63
Vail Resorts IncMTN5-DecBefore Market Open-1.59
ABM Industries IncABM6-DecAfter Market Close0.5
AeroVironment IncAVAV6-DecAfter Market Close-0.01
Analogic CorpALOG6-DecAfter Market Close0.8
Ashtead Group PLCAHT.L6-DecBefore Market Open30.59
Autozone IncAZO6-DecBefore Market Open9.31
Bank of MontrealBMO.TO6-DecBefore Market Open1.37
Barnes & Noble Education IncBNED6-DecBefore Market Open0.78
BlackRock Frontiers InvestmentBRFI.L6-DecTime Not SuppliedN/A
Conn's IncCONN6-DecBefore Market Open-0.19
Cortex Business Solutions IncCBX.V6-DecBefore Market Open-0.01
Coupa Software IncCOUP6-DecAfter Market Close-0.49
Dave & Buster's EntertainmentPLAY6-DecAfter Market Close0.14
EMCORE CorpEMKR6-DecAfter Market Close0.06
Frequency Electronics IncFEIM6-DecTime Not SuppliedN/A
Gencor Industries IncGENC6-DecTime Not SuppliedN/A
Good Times Restaurants IncGTIM6-DecTime Not Supplied-0.03
HD Supply Holdings IncHDS6-DecBefore Market Open0.81
Kewaunee Scientific CorpKEQU6-DecTime Not SuppliedN/A
MFRI IncMFRI6-DecAfter Market CloseN/A
Mitcham Industries IncMIND6-DecAfter Market Close-0.43
OncoSec Medical IncONCS6-DecBefore Market Open-0.37
Photronics IncPLAB6-DecBefore Market Open0.13
RWS Holdings PLCRWS.L6-DecTime Not SuppliedN/A
Sevcon IncSEV6-DecAfter Market CloseN/A
Sigma Designs IncSIGM6-DecAfter Market Close0.08
Smith & Wesson Holding CorpSWHC6-DecAfter Market Close0.55
Victrex PLCVCT.L6-DecBefore Market OpenN/A
Zytronic PLCZYT.L6-DecBefore Market OpenN/A
ARI Network Services IncARIS7-DecAfter Market Close0.03
Comtech Telecommunications CorCMTL7-DecAfter Market Close-0.16
Costco Wholesale CorpCOST7-Dec4:15 pm ET1.2
Dollarama IncDOL.TO7-Dec07:00 am ET0.64
Ferrellgas Partners LPFGP7-DecBefore Market Open-0.45
Forward Industries IncFORD7-DecTime Not SuppliedN/A
Francesca's Holdings CorpFRAN7-DecBefore Market Open0.18
Hooker Furniture CorpHOFT7-DecBefore Market Open0.51
Input Capital CorpINP.V7-DecAfter Market Close0
INTL FCStone IncINTL7-DecAfter Market Close1.1
Korn/Ferry InternationalKFY7-DecTime Not Supplied0.57
Laurentian Bank of CanadaLB.TO7-DecBefore Market OpenN/A
Layne Christensen CoLAYN7-DecAfter Market Close-0.2
Liberty Tax IncTAX7-DecBefore Market Open-0.71
Lululemon Athletica IncLULU7-DecBefore Market Open0.43
Ollie's Bargain Outlet HoldingOLLI7-DecAfter Market Close0.14
Ossen Innovation Co LtdOSN7-DecAfter Market CloseN/A
Stagecoach Group PLCSGC.L7-Dec02:00 am ETN/A
Star Gas Partners LPSGU7-DecAfter Market CloseN/A
Vera Bradley IncVRA7-Dec08:00 am ET0.23
ViXS Systems IncVXS.TO7-DecAfter Market Close-0.04
Xtera Communications IncXCOM7-DecTime Not SuppliedN/A
Adf Group IncDRX.TO8-DecBefore Market OpenN/A
Alico IncALCO8-DecAfter Market CloseN/A
Altius Minerals CorpALS.TO8-DecBefore Market Open0.02
Argan IncAGX8-DecBefore Market Open0.74
BIOX CorpBX.TO8-DecBefore Market OpenN/A
Brick Brewing Co. LtdBRB.TO8-DecBefore Market OpenN/A
Broadcom LtdAVGO8-DecAfter Market Close3.37
Cantel Medical CorpCMN8-DecBefore Market Open0.46
Cherokee IncCHKE8-DecAfter Market Close0.13
Ciena CorpCIEN8-DecBefore Market Open0.47
Civitas Solutions IncCIVI8-DecAfter Market Close0.19
Cooper Companies IncCOO8-Dec4:15 pm ET2.25
DavidsTea IncDTEA8-DecAfter Market Close-0.06
Dell Technologies IncDVMT8-DecBefore Market OpenN/A
DLH Holdings CorpDLHC8-DecBefore Market OpenN/A
Dominion Diamond CorpDDC.TO8-DecAfter Market CloseN/A
Finisar CorpFNSR8-DecAfter Market Close0.46
Greif IncGEF8-DecAfter Market Close0.68
Inscape CorpINQ.TO8-DecAfter Market CloseN/A
Investors Real Estate TrustIRET8-DecAfter Market Close0.12
KMG Chemicals IncKMG8-DecAfter Market Close0.45
Lee Enterprises IncLEE8-DecBefore Market OpenN/A
Live Ventures IncLIVE8-DecTime Not SuppliedN/A
Lumenpulse IncLMP.TO8-DecBefore Market Open0.11
Methode Electronics IncMEI8-DecBefore Market Open0.55
National Beverage CorpFIZZ8-DecTime Not SuppliedN/A
NCI Building Systems IncNCS8-DecAfter Market Close0.31
OHR Pharmaceutical IncOHRP8-DecAfter Market Close-0.28
Oil-Dri Corporation of AmericaODC8-DecAfter Market CloseN/A
Panhandle Oil and Gas IncPHX8-DecAfter Market CloseN/A
Peregrine Pharmaceuticals IncPPHM8-DecBefore Market Open-0.03
PURE Biosciences IncPURE8-DecAfter Market CloseN/A
Restoration Hardware HoldingsRH8-DecAfter Market Close0.16
Science Applications InternatiSAIC8-DecBefore Market Open0.84
Sonic Foundry IncSOFO8-DecAfter Market CloseN/A
Sports Direct International PLSPD.L8-DecBefore Market OpenN/A
Straight Path Communications ISTRP8-DecBefore Market Open-0.11
TerraVest Capital IncTVK.TO8-DecTime Not SuppliedN/A
Toro CoTTC8-DecBefore Market Open0.22
TUI AGTUI1.DE8-DecTime Not SuppliedN/A
Vince Holding CorpVNCE8-DecAfter Market Close0.08
AMREP CorpAXR9-DecTime Not SuppliedN/A
Atlatsa Resources CorpATL.TO9-DecTime Not SuppliedN/A
BRP IncDOO.TO9-DecBefore Market Open0.56
Carl Zeiss Meditec AGAFX.DE9-DecTime Not SuppliedN/A
Gresham House Strategic PLCGHS9-DecTime Not SuppliedN/A
Hampshire Group LtdHAMP9-DecBefore Market OpenN/A
Helix Biopharma CorpHBP.TO9-DecTime Not SuppliedN/A
IES Holdings IncIESC9-DecBefore Market OpenN/A
Medley Capital CorpMCC9-DecBefore Market Open0.22
SigmaTron International IncSGMA9-DecTime Not SuppliedN/A
Spitfire Oil LtdSRO.L9-DecTime Not SuppliedN/A
Wall Financial CorpWFC.TO9-DecTime Not SuppliedN/A