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Japanese Candlestick Charting
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Technical Candlesticks
Recognizing patterns in the stock market is a critical resource for today's trader. Japanese candlestick charting, a centuries-old technique used to forecast price behavior, can be used to further the investor's understanding of dozens of frequently reoccurring market scenarios. Combining candlestick charting techniques with traditional technical approaches creates a powerful formula for the savvy investor.

This page provides a complete list of candlestick chart patterns utilized by RightLine Charts, IQC's award-winning technical analysis charting software. Included in this software is the ability to run scans for stocks meeting any of the following candlestick charting patterns. Register now for a two week FREE trial.

For a picture, description and recognition criteria, select a candlestick chart pattern below:

Basic Patterns

Long Days
Short Days
Spinning Tops
Stars & Rain Drops
Paper Umbrella

Reversal Patterns

Hanging Man

Reversal Patterns Cont.

Harami Cross
Inverted Hammer
Shooting Star
Piercing Line
Dark Cloud Cover
Doji Star
Morning Star
Evening Star
Morning Doji Star
Evening Doji Star
Abandoned Baby

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