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March 21, 2019 - The RightLine Report

Notes From The Editor

Thomas Sutton, EditorWhen asked, most of us will say that we want to improve our trading results. However if we're really serious about boosting our profits then we have to prepare to make a few changes.

As you probably already know, there's a mysterious element called "faith" that influences the outcome of our intentions and efforts. The routine of trading presents regular opportunities to experience the subtle interaction between action, belief and the theoretical "laws" of probabilities. This journey through the markets can be one of the most rewarding you'll ever take.

Successful stock trading offers more than just money in return for your investment in time and energy. For example, some traders discover along the way how valuable they really are as a person. On the flip side, others avoid the self appraisal needed to change negative opinions of themselves. This trek requires patience and commitment to the process, even on a personal level. Like most worthwhile expeditions there are plenty of obstacles along the Trading route that can challenge even the most determined among us.

One attribute of all great traders is the ability to adapt. That's just another way of saying they've learned to recognize the changes they need to make and developed the ability to make them. This sounds simple enough, but anyone who has ever attempted to overcome a bad habit knows how frustrating change can be. Fortunately the process of change is not just a challenge, but also an excellent teacher that provides what we need, exactly when we need it.

Just being aware of this doesn't make it easy. To apply it we have to first acknowledge the significance of what we're doing. This keeps us motivated to continue when others give up. Success comes at a cost, so it helps to be reminded that the most important lessons and skills we learn in life almost always seem to be difficult at the time. Fortunately they pay huge positive dividends in the long haul.

The first step toward improving your trading has nothing to do with money management, stocks, brokers, or strategies. Though most of our training at RightLine focuses on those areas, the process of change is much more personal. In upcoming RightLine Reports we'll look more closely at the process of change, and examine three of the most valuable assets you have ... your perspective, your attitudes, and your actions.

Trade well!

- Thomas Sutton, Editor

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