Secret #1 - How To Pick The Best Stocks

green maze A one-size-fits-all approach to stocks just doesn't work very well. The same stocks that produce big profits for short-term traders will often cause big losses for longer-term investors. We'll take at look at the reasons why later in this Report. For now just remember that the best stocks for YOU depend on your personality and lifestyle.

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How To Pick The Best Stocks
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The Five Secrets: Conclusion

Do you like really fast intra-day trades? Or do you like to hold positions for several days, weeks, months or years? Do you like sitting at a computer for hours or days at a time? Or would you prefer to spend 30-minutes a week? From a life-style point of view, it's best to choose.

-- Time Frame

Some stocks show a tendency to trend upward for thirty minutes to an hour, and then trend downward for roughly the same amount of time. This is ideal movement for quick trades. Other stocks exhibit similar up and down movement, yet the price action takes much longer - days or even weeks. These stocks are best suited for longer term investors.

man hold clock In either case the best stocks are stocks that match your individual personality as an investor. The simplest way to accomplish this is to use price charts displayed in time frames that match your particular style.

Let's say you have full-time access to the markets and prefer a large number of quick in-and-out trades during the day. In this case your charts of choice will likely display very short time frames - such as five-minute, fifteen-minute or thirty-minute bars.

If you prefer to spend only an hour a day trading - or perhaps only an hour a month - use charts with longer time frames, such as daily, weekly, or monthly.

Choosing your time frame is extremely important. This simple first step makes it much easier to pick winning stocks that are compatible with your lifestyle. It's the foundation of successful stock selection.

-- Stocks Have Personalities

split screen Just like people, every stock is unique. Understanding a stock's personality allows you to select stocks that will make you money.
For example, some stocks have a tendency to "trend." They like to travel at a steady pace in an established direction for a certain length of time.

Knowing that a stock exhibits this "trendy" quality allows you to buy shares when the trend is favorable. The result is more money in your pocket!



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